Air and Radiological Health Management Permits & Approvals

MDE Permitting Administration:


The mission of the Air and Radiation Management Administration (ARMA) is to improve and maintain air quality and control sources of radiation to protect the health and welfare of the people and the environment of Maryland while providing for enhanced community service and economic development.

Programs administered by ARMA are:

• Air Quality Planning 
• Air Quality Monitoring
• Air Quality Permits
• Air Quality Compliance Program
• Mobile Sources Control
• Radiological Health


Operate a statewide network of air quality monitors that continuously measure air quality.

Provide information to the public about the quality of the air and the nature and extent of both regional and local air pollution problems.

Assist businesses in understanding and meeting requirements of state and federal air quality and radiological health laws and regulations.

Investigate and resolve complaints about air pollution and radiation, and make inspections of equipment and activities that discharge air emissions or radiation.

Issue permits and licenses required for medical, industrial, commercial and institutional radiation uses or air pollution sources, to ensure that these activities do not create air pollution or unauthorized exposure to radiation.  Provide opportunities for the public to understand and comment on permit activities.

Reduce air pollution from motor vehicles in the state by establishing and enforcing standards for motor vehicle fuels and emissions.

Certify and approve training courses for asbestos workers and supervisors, and provide technical support on industrial hygiene, indoor air quality and asbestos management to state agencies, school systems, and county health departments.

Develop coordinated plans, programs and standards to prevent and reduce air pollution and control sources of radiation to protect public health while minimizing costs to the public and Maryland business.

Air Management Permits

1.01 Air Quality General Permits to Construct
1.02 Air Quality Permit to Construct
1.03 New Source Review Approval
1.04 Prevention of Significant Deterioration Approval
1.05 Air Quality State Permit to Operate
1.06 Part 70 (Title V) Operating Permit
1.07 Asbestos Contractor License
1.08 Asbestos Training Provider Approval
1.09 Asbestos Photo Identification Card
1.10 Incinerator Operator Certification and Training Course Approval
1.11 Fleet Inspection Station License
1.12 Certified Emissions Repair Facility Certification
1.13 Master Certified Emissions Technician Certification
1.21 Energy Facilities Permitting Information: Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity

Radiological Health Licenses, Certifications and Registrations

1.14 Radiation Machine Facility Registration
1.15 Certification of Machines Emitting Radiation
1.16 Radioactive Materials License
1.17 Private Inspector License For Inspecting X-Ray Machines
1.18 Reciprocal Recognition of Out-of-State Radioactive Material Licenses
1.19 Radioactive Material General License Registration
1.20 Registered Service Provider for X-Ray Machines


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