X-Ray Application Forms and Guidance

Guidance Documents

X-Ray Machines General Information

New Facility by Machine Type 

Changing Radiation Machines at a Facility 

​​Instructions for Registering Radiation Machines​​

Payment Transmittal for X-Ray Registration 


List of State Licensed Private Inspectors​​​​​​
List of Registered Service Providers

List Of Film Badge/ TLD Providers ​​


Radiation Machine Fees


Notice to Employees

RX-1: Radiation Machine Facility Registration

RX-1a: Radiation Machine Facility Registration Supplement

RX-2: Radiation Machine Inspection Summary

RX-2a: Radiation Machine Inspection Summary - Dental Facilities

RX-21: Application for Plan Review

RX-22: Facility Area Survey

RX-24: Report of Assembly, Reassembly, or Removal of a Radiation Machine

RX-25: Application for Registration of Business Providing Services

RX-32: Application for License to Inspect Radiation Machines

RX-38: Diagnostic Medical Event Occurrence Log 

Information for Dentists

Dental Inspection Process

Dental Inspection Hot Spots

Avoiding Most Common Violations

Inspector's Checklist

Conditions for Use of Handheld Dental X-Ray Device

Use of Handheld Dental Radiation Machines in Maryland


Preventive Maintenance Summary Forms

Please note that all preventive maintenance service reports must be sent to the Department either as an attachment(s) to preventive.maintenance@maryland.gov or via fax to 410-537-3198.

The links below are to radiation machine preventive maintenance summary forms USED BY REGISTERED SERVICE PROVIDERS.  Registered service providers are REQUIRED to use these summary forms to document preventive maintenance service on the following types of radiation machines: 

RX-33: Intraoral Dental/Veterinary Dental Radiation Machine Preventive Maintenance Report

RX-35: Cephalometric/Panoral Dental Radiation Machine Preventive Maintenance Report

RX-16: General Purpose Radiation Machine Preventive Maintenance Report

RX-36: Veterinary Radiation Machine Preventive Maintenance Report

Information for Certification Facilities

NEW Submit certification reports electronically as an e-mail attachment.  The e-mail with attachment should be sent to mdexray.submission@maryland.gov.

Please note that we cannot accept compressed (.zip) files, or files which, with attachment, will exceed 10 MB.

RX-3: Application for Certified Registration of Particle Accelerator

RX-4: Inspection Data Facility Specific

RX-5: Machine Data - Healing Arts-General

RX-6: Machine Data - Radiographic

RX-7a: Film Processing Data

RX-8: Fluoroscopic and Spot Imaging

RX-10: Machine Data - Groups 1 and 5

RX-11a: Machine Data Therapeutic - 1 MeV or Greater

RX-14: Computerized Tomography

Contact Info

If additional information on radiation machines is required, please call Eva Nair at 410-537-3193 or Eva.Nair@maryland.gov. For information on fees, call Shannon Page at 410-537-3193 or spage@maryland.gov.

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