Maryland Radioactive Materials Licensing Forms


 Forms and Information

Any submissions to the Department regarding specific radioactive material licenses may be made online to






General License Registration

Note on Return of Devices and Receipt of New Devices

When a general license device is returned to the manufacturer or other specific licensee authorized to receive such device, you are required to report this transfer to MDE by using the Transfer Declaration Form, in accordance with COMAR The transferred device will be removed from the Department's database. If you obtain additional or replacement devices, you are required to report these new devices to the Department within 30 days of receipt by submitting a new General License Device Registration Form. The new devices will be added to the Department's database. These notifications are necessary for MDE to maintain current information on general license devices in Maryland.

Note on Annual Registration Update

An annual update of registration information is required, in accordance with COMAR Instructions for this update will be provided with your annual invoice. If you have any questions about this annual update, please e-mail your inquiry to or call Mr. Charles Cox at 410-537-3193.

Contact Info

For information on licensing of radioactive materials. on reciprocity, or on general licensing, please contact Charles Cox at​. Mr. Cox may be reached at 410-537-3193.  

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