Information Needed for Transfer of Control and/or Change of Name for Radioactive Materials Licensees



Control of a license is in the hands of the person or persons who are empowered to decide when and how that license will be used. That control is to be found in the person or persons who, because of ownership or authority explicitly delegated by the owners, possess the power to determine corporate policy and thus the direction of the activities under the license.


A transferee is an entity that proposes to purchase or otherwise gain control of a Maryland-licensed operation.


A transferor is a Maryland licensee selling or otherwise giving up control of a licensed operation.

Information Needed

Licensees must provide full information and obtain the Department's prior written consent before transferring control of the license. Provide the following information concerning changes of control by the applicant (transferor and/or transferee, as appropriate). If any items are not applicable, so state.

  1. Provide a complete description of the transaction (transfer of stocks or assets, or merger). Indicate whether the name has changed and include the new name. Include the name and telephone number of a licensee contact who the Department may contact if more information is needed.
  2. Describe any changes in personnel or duties that relate to the licensed program. Include training and experience for new personnel.
  3. Describe any changes in the organization, location, facilities, equipment or procedures that relate to the licensed program.
  4. Describe the status of the surveillance program (surveys, wipe tests, quality control) at the present time and the expected status at the time that control is to be transferred.
  5. Confirm that all records concerning the safe and effective decommissioning of the facility will be transferred to the transferee or to the Department, as appropriate. These records include documentation of surveys of ambient radiation levels and fixed and/or removable contamination, including methods and sensitivity.
  6. The transferee must confirm that they will abide by all constraints, conditions, requirements and commitments of the transferor, or the transferee will submit a complete description of the proposed license program.
  7. Provide new Federal Tax Identification Number, or indicate if unchanged.

Contact Info

For more information concerning transfer of control or change of name for radioactive materials licensees, please call Atnatiwos Meshesha at (410) 537-3300, or e-mail to ​

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