Approval Fact Sheets

The word “approval” refers to permits, registrations, certifications, licenses, and similar issuances granted by MDE after a complete evaluation and review to implement the requirements of Maryland regulations.

This page provides a listing of all MDE approvals by MDE administration.  Linked to each numbered item in the list are fact sheets that describe salient details of each approval.  At the beginning of each fact sheet are one or two questions that will help you determine whether that particular approval may be required. Each fact sheet answers the following questions, where applicable:

  • Do I need this approval?
  • What must I do to get this approval?
  • How long will it take to get the approval once I submit a complete and accurate application?
  • Who do I contact with questions about this approval?
  • Do I need to get any approvals from my local or Federal government before I can get this approval?
  • How much will the approval cost?
  • Once I get the approval, how long will the permit last?
  • Do I need to know any other information to get this approval?
  • If you need this, you’ll probably need that: What other approvals might I need for this activity?
  • What is MDE’s legal authority to issue this approval?

Listings of all the questions found on top of the fact sheets, MDE program contacts, and MDE approvals by type of activity, site, and equipment, among other materials that could assist you are available on the Approval Resources page. 

Air and Radiation Administration

  Download Application Forms and Other Forms for Air

1.01 Air Quality General Permits to Construct
1.02 Air Quality Permit to Construct
1.03 New Source Review Approval
1.04 Prevention of Significant Deterioration Approval
1.05 Air Quality State Permit to Operate
1.06 Part 70 (Title V) Operating Permit
1.07 Asbestos Contractor License
1.08 Asbestos Training Provider Approval
1.09 Asbestos Photo Identification Card
1.10 Incinerator Operator Certification and Training Course Approval
1.11 Fleet Inspection Station License
1.12 Certified Emissions Repair Facility Certification
1.13 Master Certified Emissions Technician Certification
1.14 Radiation Machine Facility Registration
1.15 Certification of Machines Emitting Radiation
1.16 Radioactive Materials License
1.17 Private Inspector License For Inspecting X-Ray Machines
1.18 Reciprocal Recognition of Out-of-State Radioactive Material Licenses
1.19 Radioactive Material General License Registration
1.20 Registered Service Provider for X-Ray Machines
1.21 Energy Facilities Permitting Information: Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity

Land and Materials Administration

  Download Application Forms and Other Forms for Land

2.01 Refuse Disposal Permit
2.02 Ground Water Discharge Permit for Rubble Landfills
2.03 Sewage Sludge Utilization Permits
2.04 Natural Wood Waste Recycling Facility Permit
2.05 Scrap Tire Licenses and Approvals
2.06 Oil Operations Permit
2.07 Oil Operations Permit for Oil-Contaminated Soils
2.08 Oil Transfer License
2.09 Oil Control Program General Wastewater Discharge Permits
2.10 Surface Water Discharge Permit for Oil Terminals
2.11 Ground Water Discharge Permit for Oil Terminals
2.12 Underground Storage Tank Technician or Remover Certification
2.13 Underground Storage Tank Removal/Abandonment 30-Day Written Notification
2.14 Notification for Underground Storage Tanks
2.15 Controlled Hazardous Substance Facility Permit
2.16 Hazardous Waste; EPA Identification Number
2.17 Controlled Hazardous Substance Hauler, Vehicle and Driver Certification
2.18 Special Medical Waste Hauler and Vehicle Certification and Identification Number
2.19 Lead Paint Accreditations
2.20 Lead Paint Training Course and Instructor Approvals
2.21 Lead Paint Rental Unit Registration
2.22 Voluntary Cleanup Program
2.23 General Discharge Permits for Wastewater Discharges from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and Maryland Animal Feeding Operations (MAFOs)
2.24 Industrial Wastewater/Stormwater General Discharge Permits from Mining Operations
3.02b Industrial Wastewater General Discharge Permits (CAFO and Mining)
3.08 Coal Mining Permit
3.09 Surface Coal Mining Blaster Certification
3.10 Coal Mining Operator License
3.11 Non-Coal Mining Permit
3.12 Surface Mining License
3.13 Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Water and Science Administration

  Download Application Forms and Other Forms for Water

3.01 Surface Water Discharge Permit (Industrial)
3.02 General Discharge Permits
3.03 General Discharge Permit for Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activity
3.04 Surface Water Discharge Permit (Municipal)
3.05 Ground Water Discharge Permit (Municipal or Industrial)
3.06 Toxic Materials Permit
3.07 Water and Sewerage Construction Permit
3.08 - 3.13 Mining Permits (moved to Land Management Administration)
3.14 Well Construction Permit
3.15 Water Appropriation and Use Permit
3.16 Drinking Water Sampler Certification
3.17 Drinking Water Laboratory Certification
3.18 Tidal Wetland Licenses and Permits
3.19 Nontidal Wetlands (Nontidal Wetlands and Waterways Permits)
3.20 Waterway and 100-year Floodplain (Nontidal Wetlands and Waterways Permits)
3.21 Erosion/Sediment Control and Stormwater Management Plan Approvals
3.22 Responsible Person Training & Certification Program for Erosion/Sediment Control
3.23 Permit for Stormwater Associated with Construction Activity
3.24 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Permit
3.25 Dam Safety Permit/Waterway Construction Permit
3.26 Environmental Sanitarian License -- transferred to DHMH
3.27 Waterworks and Waste Systems Operator Certification
3.28 Well Driller License 
4.01 Relaying Oysters for Commercial Harvest Off-Bottom Aquaculture
4.02 Relaying Oysters for Commercial Harvest Private Oyster Lease Holders​​