Maryland Water Infrastructure Financing Administration

NEW The Maryland Water Infrastructure Financing Administration (MWIFA) thanks all who submitted an application during the December 2023 thru January 2024 solicitation for FFY2024/State FY2026 funding.  The following draft documents are available for a 30-day public comment period from 6/24/24 to 7/24/24; please see instructions for providing comments at the end of this announcement.  
Project Priority Lists (PPLs) show all applications received in ranked order from highest to lowest score along with project details from the applications, including requested funding.  The PPLs do not include draft funding decisions. 

Official notification of projects selected from the PPLs to receive State FY 2026 grant funds will be made in late spring 2025, following the close of the 2025 legislative session. 

Intended Use Plan (IUP) Tables 1 list the projects that ranked high enough for FFY 2024 State Revolving  Fund (SRF) consideration from the Base, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) General Supplemental, BIL Emerging Contaminants, and BIL Lead Service Line SRF programs.  Only projects with an amount shown in the “Total Funding” column are identified for FFY 2024 SRF financing. Projects within the fundable range but bypassed for reasons noted in the Comments column are listed separately.  Projects that ranked too low to be considered for SRF financing are not shown.  

Official notification of SRF funding to these projects will be made in Fall 2024.   

​IUP Documents, along with the PPLs and IUP Tables, are submitted to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to request the FFY 2024 Clean Water and Drinking Water SRF Base capitalization grants, BIL General Supplemental capitalization grants, BIL Emerging Contaminants capitalization grant, and BIL Lead Service Line capitalization grant. 

All six of the aforementioned documents are subject to a 30-day public comment period which begins 6/24/24 and closes on 7/24/24.  Comments and/or questions regarding the draft documents should be submitted via email to  All comments will be included in a responsiveness summary submitted to EPA.

Purpose and Mission  

The mission of the Maryland Water Infrastructure Financing Administration (MWIFA) is to provide state and federal financial assistance in the form of low interest rate loans, loan forgiveness, and grant funding for eligible water quality, drinking water, and stormwater management capital projects.

Eligible types of projects include:
  • Sanitary Sewer and Wastewater Treatment 
  • Drinking Water Infrastructure and Source Water Protection
  • Nonpoint Source Pollution and Watershed Restoration 
  • Septic System Upgr​ades and Sewer Connections
  • Stormwater Management and Flood Mitigation 

MWIFA administers the loan and grant programs described below:  


Financial Program


Water Quality Revolving Loan Program (WQRLF)

Provides low-interest loans to local governments to finance wastewater treatment plant upgrades, nonpoint source pollution control projects, and other water quality and public health improvement projects.

Drinking Water Revolving Loan Program (DWRLF)

Provides low-interest loans to local governments to finance water supply improvements and drinking water infrastructure upgrades.

Water Supply Assistance Grant Program​

Helps communities meet their water supply and infrastructure needs.

Bay Restoration Fund - Wastewater Grant Program 

  • ENR upgrade at major or minor wastewater treatment plants.
  • Improvements to existing wastewater conveyance systems.
  • Sewer extensions to connect homes on septic systems to a BNR/ENR wastewater treatment plant.
  • Nutrient-reducing BAT shared community septic systems. 
  • Stormwater (MS4) projects by local governments with a system of charges through a local stormwater or resilience enterprise fund.
  • Flood mitigation and resilience and watershed restoration projects.
​​Supplemental Assistance Grant Program
​Assistance primarily to small and disadvantaged communities for sewer infrastructure improvements.

Bay Restoration Fund - Septic System Upgrade Program

Upgrades of existing septic systems to best available technology and sewer connections for nitrogen reduction to aquifers and the Bay.

Linked Deposit Program​

Credit support for private nonpoint source pollution control, watershed protection, and drinking water supply and infrastructure projects.

Comprehensive Flood
Management Grant Program

Assistance to "subdivisions" for flood mitigation projects which reduce the risk of loss of life and property from flooding.
Both loan programs receive federal funding from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and offer below market interest rate state and federal loans to eligible borrowers.

MWIFA is authorized to issue revenue bonds subject to approval of the State Board of Public Works and Secretary of the Maryland Department of the Environment.  Bonds issued by MWIFA do not constitute a debt or the full faith and credit pledge of the State or any political subdivision.  The bonds are paid solely from MWIFA revenues as pledged under bond indenture for each of the above Funds.

MWIFA works very closely with MDE’s Engineering and Capital Projects Program (ECPP), which is the entity responsible for management of water quality, drinking water, and stormwater and flood mitigation capital projects to protect public health and water quality.



MWIFA Financial Statements and Su​pplemental Schedules Together With Report of Independent Public Accountants for the Years Ending June 30, 2023 and June 30, 2022​

MWIFA Single Audit Together With Report of Independent Public Accountants for the Year Ended June 30, 2023​​​ 

Federal FY2023/State FY2025 Funding Documents

See each Intended Use Plan Table 1 for funding decisions.  
Notifications re SRF and BIL funding were emailed in mid-October 2023.
Notifications re State Grant funding will be made after General Assembly approval in Spring 2024.

Responsiveness Summary for the FFY2023/State FY2025 IUPs and PPLs

Federal FY2022/State FY2024 Funding Documents

Final FFY2022/State FY2024 Clean Water Project Priority List

Final FFY2022/State FY2024 Water Quality Revolving Loan Fund Intended Use Plan Table 1​

Final FFY2022/State FY2024 Water Quality Revolving Loan Fund Intended Use Plan Document​​

​For Septic Grants:

Associated Documents:

​Funding Requireme​nts for Preliminary Eligibility Reports (Effective October 1, 2015)

Minor and Other WWTPs Cost Effectiveness Guidelines

Minor Cost Effectiveness Flow Chart

Prepare to Apply

Integrat​ed Project Priority System for Water Quality Capital Projects​​​ 

Integrated Project Priority System for Drinking Water Capital Projects​​

Water Quality Funding Subsidy Chart

Drinking Water Funding Subsidy Chart​​​

PFA Exception Procedure

EPA's WaterSense Program

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Guidance

Urban Stormwater Management Credit Calculator​​

Median Household Income/Disadvantaged Community Chart​

Prior​ity Fund Map (PFA)​

River Basin Designation Chart

Relative Effectiveness Chart

MEMA Hazard Mitigation Plan Maps

Maryland Hydrogeomorphic Regions Map

Water System Capacity Form (for DWSRF PFAS/EC)​​​​

Maryland Forest Financing Implementation Tool (FFIT):​​

The Maryland Forest Financing Implementation Tool (FFIT), is a calculator designed to assist local governments, land trusts, and other watershed partners in planning and underwriting forestry efforts for water quality benefits. The video shows how FFIT can be used to review different implementation scenarios, evaluate how much a forestry project would cost, estimate how many MS4 credits and environmental co-benefits can be achieved. The slides in the video and a user guide are also below.​

MDE initially produced the FITT calculator and then updated it in 2022. Since the tool has changed, MDE would like to give users the benefit of seeing the previous demonstrations, therefore older versions of the training webinar are posted below. Please use the NEWER Version 2 for planning purposes.

​For additional information​, please contact (410) 537-3119


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