Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund

Funding Applications Accepted December Thru January Annually

The Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund (DWRLF) provides financial assistance for a wide variety of projects to facilitate compliance with national primary drinking water standards that protect or improve the quality of Maryland's drinking water resources. The federal Safe Drinking Water Act requires that all community water systems demonstrate the managerial, technical and financial capacity to maintain the system prior receiving a Drinking Water loan. As part of our financial assistance package, MDE's Water Quality Financing Administration (WQFA) can provide financial advisory services that assist borrowers in determining affordable user rate structures and model the fiscal impact the proposed loan will have on the borrowers financial capacity.

DWRLF Assistance is available for:

Public and Private (See Linked Deposit) Community Water Systems

  • Upgrade of Existing Drinking Water Treatment Facilities to Maintain Compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Water Storage Facilities (Finished/Treated Water)
  • Water Transmission/Distribution Line Replacement
  • Consolidation of Water Systems to achieve Operational, Managerial and Financial Capacity
  • Planning, Design and/or Construction phases of above listed eligible Drinking Water Projects

For additional information, please call (410) 537-3119.​​​