Issued Part 70 Permits

001-0203AES WR Issued Title V Permit9/1/20228/31/2027
027-0364Alpha Ridge Landfill 20236/18/20214/30/2026
510-0314American Sugar Refining Title V 201811/1/201810/31/2023
005-0979American Yeast IssuedT5PermitFS9/29/20237/31/2028
021-0459AstraZeneca Issued Title V Permit9/1/20228/31/2027
005-0812BackRiver WWTP201710/1/20179/30/2022
021-0234Bimbo Bakeries Issued Title V Permit6/1/20205/31/2025
033-02084Brown Station Road Landfill11/1/201610/31/2021
518-0918Buckeye T5 FS 20241/13/20249/30/2028
039-0017Calpine Crisfield Energy Title V Permit11/1/201910/31/2024
021-0254Canam Renewal Title V Permit 20176/1/20175/31/2022
015-0163Cecil Co. Central Landfill Issued T5 Permit8/31/20216/30/2025
510-0730Center Point Terminal Issued Title V Permit8/5/20215/31/2026
033-2920Chalk Pt Power Initial 2022 T5 and FS12/1/202211/30/2027
017-0137Charles County Landfill Title V 201811/1/201810/31/2023
510-0119CITGO-Zenith Petroleum Terminal Title V Permit9/1/20198/31/2024
025-0076Colonial Pipeline Aberdeen 2022 Title V9/26/20226/30/2027
013-0056Colonial Pipeline Dorsey Title V Permit7/1/20196/30/2024
013-0013Congoleum Title V Permit8/1/20197/31/2024
510-0265Constellation Philadelphia Road Renewal Title V 201812/1/201811/30/2023
510-2975Curtis Bay Energy Title V Permit 20199/1/20191/31/2024
005-0146Diageo North American Title V 201711/1/201710/31/2022
031-2716DickersonPower LLC 2022 Issued T59/15/202210/31/2026
041-0029Easton Utilities Washington Street Title V Permit11/1/201910/31/2024
041-0069Easton Utillities Airport Park11/1/201910/31/2024
039-0055ECI Title V Complete 202111/16/20217/31/2026
015-0202EP Rock Springs Generation Facility Title V Permit11/1/201910/31/2024
025-0005Evonik Corporation Title V2/1/20201/31/2025
021-0131Fort Detrick Issued Title V Permit11/16/20218/31/2026
043-0466Forty West Title V Renewal Permit 201811/1/201810/31/2023
005-1149Gamse Lithographing Issued Title V Permit12/17/20219/30/2026
017-0014GenOn Morgantown Generating Station Renewal 201712/1/20179/30/2022
031-1129GSA White Oak Issued Title V Permit7/1/20221/31/2027
510-0301H and S Bakery Issued Title V Permit6/1/20205/31/2025
025-0360Harford Waste Disposal 2023 T5 Permit and FS8/8/20232/28/2023
043-0008Holcim Inc Renewal Title V Permit 20185/1/20184/30/2023
045-0287Ingenco Wholesale Power, LLC Renewal Title V 20183/1/20182/28/2023
510-0001JHMI Utilities Title V and PAL 20189/1/20188/31/2023
510-0077Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus Title V9/1/20198/31/2024
033-2737KeysEnergyCenter2023T5PermitFSCO2AcidRain (1)10/18/202311/30/2027
003-0309Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminal Title V Permit8/1/20197/31/2024
033-2200KMCThermo Brandywine 2016 TitleV7/1/20151/31/2020
013-00012Lehigh Union Bridge1/1/20179/30/2021
025-0558Lifoam Industries LLC Title V Permit 20182/1/20181/31/2022
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