Notices and Alerts

2030 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act Plan
MDE COVID-19 Update
2022 Air Monitoring Network Plan
2021 Air Monitoring Network Plan
2019 Annual Sulfur Dioxide Data Report
Maryland and PFAS
2020 Annual Clean Air Report
Conowingo Settlement Agreement
AFO Permit Reissuance Changes
Tolson Rubble Landfill Expansion & Air Quality Permit
Modified Baltimore City Consent Decree
Water Quality Trading
Notice of Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards
Maryland Beach Conditions
Maryland's Participation in the U.S. Climate Alliance
Seeking PFA exception to use BRF funds for sewer extension in Harford County
Shellfish Harvesting Advisory & Maps
Customer Survey
Maryland Commission on Climate Change meetings scheduled
Proposed Revisions to WQ Rating System for Financial Assistance
Fish Consumption Advisory
Maryland Water Quality Trading Advisory Committee
Air Quality Forecast
Get the facts on Vibrio
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan - Executive Summary