Find the Right Permit

The word “approval” refers to permits, registrations, certifications, licenses, and similar issuances granted by MDE after a complete evaluation and review to implement the requirements of Maryland regulations.


Answering “yes” to these questions will guide you to the applicable fact sheets describing the environmental approvals you may need. Click on any question to be directed to follow-up questions. The linked fact sheets contain additional questions allowing you to narrow down the necessary approvals you will most likely require.


Do you store gasoline, operate boilers or generators, use solvents, or otherwise cause emissions of smoke or vapors to the atmosphere?

Do you perform remediation work or train people to perform remediation work in buildings that may contain asbestos?

Do you operate or work in a Vehicle Emissions Inspection Station or Repair facility?

Do you possess x-ray machines, use radioactive materials, service x-ray machines, or inspect x-ray machines?

Am I building a facility that generates electricity and connects with the electric grid?

Do you operate a facility where solid waste such as trash, rubble, wood or other forms of refuse are accepted for disposal, incineration, transfer or processing?

Do you generate or plan to utilize sewage sludge or septage?

  • Am I utilizing, treating, composting, transporting, storing, distributing, applying on land, incinerating, conducting an innovative or research project or disposing of sewage sludge or a product containing sewage sludge?

Am I accumulating, storing, hauling, recycling or processing scrap tires?

Do you have tanks on your property that contain or have contained any petroleum product?

Do you perform any activity that involves the generation, treatment, storage, transport, or disposal of hazardous waste or plan on developing a site that was previously involved in industrial activity?

Do you transport or generate any special medical waste?

Do you do anything involving lead paint abatement work?

Do you perform any activity that generates wastewater or stormwater? Or any activity that generates manure from Animal Feeding Operations?

Do you use any chemicals to control the growth of nuisance plants or animals in a water body or perform commercial harvesting of oysters?

Do you perform any type of mining including exploration for oil and gas?

Do your activities involve drinking water treatment and distribution, or withdrawal, of waters of the State?

Do you perform construction projects that may affect tidal or non-tidal wetlands or flood plains?

Do you perform construction that involves earth moving or excavation?

Are you an owner of a municipal wastewater collection and/or municipal separate storm sewer system serving large, medium and small municipalities?

  • Are you a government agency, serving a large or medium population, that owns and operates a storm drain system within the urbanized area (localities with populations over 100,000) of Maryland? (individual permit)

  • Are you a government agency that owns and operates a storm drain system serving a facility over 5 acres, but with a population less than 100,000, within the urbanized area of Maryland? (general permit)

Do you operate or plan to construct a bridge, dam or other obstruction to a waterway?

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