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Maryland Environmental Management System Pr​ogram​

The Maryland Department of the Environment in partnership with the University of Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute, offers free assistance to Maryland companies in developing and implementing Environmental Management Systems (EMSs) based on the global ISO 14001 standard. The program has helped 55 Maryland companies and a new group is forming now.

Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act​ (EPCRA)

MDE has a new and enhanced reporting system that allows businesses covered by EPCRA  to complete and submit their Tier II reports on-line through a user-friendly application. EPCRA is designed to provide all levels of government and the public with information required to plan for a chemical incident.

Public Information Act (PIA)

The PIA process, which includes an improved internal tracking system, consistent procedures and fee structure agency-wide, includes acceptance of information requests via electronic mail.

Water Quality Financing​

Water Quality Financing provides financial assistance in the form of low interest rate loans and/or grant funding for clean water and drinking water capital projects across the State, including water quality point source projects, drinking water projects, non-point source pollution control projects, and septic system upgrade projects.  

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  • Marine Contractors Registration Information

  • Check here for regulations in development and published proposed regulations.

  • Effective July 1, 2008, all applicants for wetlands and waterways authorizations issued by the Wetlands and Waterways Program of the Maryland Department of the Environment and Tidal Wetlands licenses issued by the Board of Public Works, must pay an application fee​. House Bill 1056 establishes application fees for activities in wetlands and waterways requiring an authorization from the Wetlands and Waterway Program of the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE); exempts some types of applicants and activities from the application fees; and establishes the Wetlands and Waterways Program Fund.

  • Regulations were finalized for Hazardous Material Security (COMAR 26.27.01) on Dec. 23, 2005. Businesses or industrial facilities that have hazardous materials above the thresholds defined by 40 cfr 68.130 may need to report or payments may be due.  See Guidance and the comment response document. Text of the regulations is available at COMAR Online (; search separately on to and click on the underlined number to get the full text of the regulation.

  • Regulations were adopted in October 2006 requiring Registration of General License Radiological Devices. Businesses that possess certain types of radiological devices as described in Registering a General License Device – Information​ must (1) submit a registration form, (2) in certain cases submit a Certification form, and (3) pay an annual fee. Links to full information on registration of general licenses may be found in the General License Registration section of Maryland Radioactive Materials Licensing Forms.

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