Standard Turnaround Time

​​> MDE Final Standard Application Turnaround Times Effective July 1, 2021​

MDE Final Standard Application Turnaround Times Effective January 1, 2020​

> MDE Final Calendar Year 2019 Standard Permit Application Turnaround Times

> MDE Final Calendar Year 2018 Standard Permit Application Turnaround Times

> MDE Final Calendar Year 2017 Standard Permit Application Turnaround Times

> MDE Final Calendar Year 2016 Standard Permit Application Turnaround Times

> MDE Final Calendar Year 2015 Standard Permit Application Turnaround Times 

MDE Final Calendar Year 2014 Standard Permit Application Turnaround Times

> MDE Final Calendar Year 2013 Standard Permit Application Turnaround Times 

The "Standard Turnaround Time" refer to the time between MDE’s receipt of a complete permit application and MDE’s issuance or denial of the permit, excluding delays caused by factors beyond MDE’s control.
In most permitting programs, each application has unique characteristics that influence its processing time. For each program listed, the standard time represents the time in which 90 percent of applications can be processed. Many applications will require less time; a few will require more time due to unusual circumstances.

Each Approval Fact Sheet shows this "turnaround" period as answer to the question: "How long should I expect it to take to get this approval once I submit a complete application?"

Standard Turnaround Time on Approval Fact Sheet 

To get your application's standard turnaround time, please check the applicable fact sheet as in the above illustration.  As required by Section 1-607(A)(2) of the Environment Article, the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), in consultation with interested parties, establishes every year the standard turnaround times for all types of MDE permit applications.