Wastewater Permits Program

​MDE’s Wastewater Pollution Prevention and Reclamation Program (WWPPRP), within the Water Management Administration, issues permits to protect Maryland’s water resources by controlling industrial and municipal wastewater discharges. Surface water discharges are regulated through combined State and federal permits under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Groundwater discharges are regulated through State issued groundwater discharge permits. Also related to the protection of groundwater is the WWPPR​P coordination with all local health departments for the regulation of individual wells and septic systems.

Wastewater Permits Interactive Search Portal

The Wastewater Permits Program maintains an interactive search portal which allows the general public to search for permits by facility name, location, permit number, and/or permit type.  Once the desired permit entry is located, users have the opportunity to click the "More Info" button to display a list of available documents for download including permit applications, final permits and fact sheets, draft permits up for public comment, and general permit registration letters.  

Permits of Significant Public Interest

In an effort to promote transparency and make information easily accessible to the public, the Department maintains a webpage with information about ongoing permitting actions for permits for which the public has shown significant interest.  If you are looking for information regarding any permit not listed on this webpage, you are encouraged to visit the Wastewater Permits Interactive Search Portal.​

Electronic Reporting Rule 

Per 40 CFR 127.16, all National Pol​lution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulated entities must submit Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) electronically via NetDMR.  Before you can submit official DMRs online using NetDMR, you must attend a training webinar, successfully complete account set-up, and submit example monitoring results electronically.


The discharge from municipal wastewater and water treatment facilities to surface and/or groundwater.


These are permits issued to industrial facilities that discharge to surface and/or groundwater. Industrial, commercial or institutional facilities that discharge wastewater (or stormwater associated with industrial activities) to surface waters of Maryland may need one of these permits. 

On-Site Systems

 Regulation of individual well and septic systems in conjunction with local health departments.

Contact Information

Please contact the Department at (410) 537-3599 for more information.

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