Lead Rental Certification and Accreditation

Welcome to the Maryland Department of the Environment’s Lead Rental Certification and Accreditation (LRCA) Homepage. LRCA is an online database created in 2021 to house data related to lead accreditations, certificates, and enforcement. Lead paint service providers can log into LRCA to apply for accreditation and issue lead inspection certificates. Lead training providers can enter classes and confirm attendance through LRCA. The general public can use LRCA's public certificate search to find lead certificates for individual properties. It is our expectation that this homepage will help you navigate the LRCA database. The LRCA database aims to improve and streamline process, increase effectiveness and efficiency, and to help the public gain access to certification information.

LRCA Database
  • To access the LRCA database​, click here.​

Training Videos

Training Materials

  • Training Courses​ (The material covers how to view and request various training courses being offered by accredited training providers.)
  • View/Register for MDE Exam (The material covers how to view and register for the pre-accreditation examination conducted by the lead poisoning prevention program.)
  • Apply for Accreditation (The material covers how to apply for an accreditation for persons performing lead paint abatement and inspection activities must be accredited by MDE.)
  • Manage an Employee ​(The material covers how to add/remove employees.)
  • My Applications ​​(The material covers how to update profile information and to view your accreditation applications.)
  • My Accreditations (The material covers how to view your current accreditations and download your digital certificate.)
  • Manage Locations (The material covers how to add, view, and edit training locations.)
  • Manage Classes (The material covers how to add, view, and edit class schedules, etc.)
  • Inspection and Certifications​ (The material covers how to schedule an inspection and create certificates and forms.)
  • 3rd Party/Instructor Exam​ (The material covers how to schedule and manage exams)​​
  • Payments​​ (The material covers how to view and complete payments to MDE.)

Public Certification Lookup

  • The public certification lookup function allows you to search for a lead certificate on a particular residence. Click h​ere​.​

Contact Information

MDE Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Questions? Please email LRCA​ or 410-537-3825 or 1-800-633-6101, Ext. 3825​​​​