Maryland Lead Contractors and Inspectors

Important Notices

Compliance Process

  • Training and Accreditation Requirements to provide lead paint services
  • MDE Permit Guide- Information about Accreditation
  • List of Training Providers​ servicing Maryland.
    • Your first step to become accredited is to take training. 
    • Refresher training courses may only be taken before your prior training or accreditation has expired. If your previous training and accreditation has expired you are required to take the initial training course. Please verify your eligibility with your training provider or the Department prior to registering for your class.
    • According to Maryland Regulations all persons performing lead paint abatement and inspection activities mu​st be trained by a Maryland Department of the Environment (the Department) accredited/licensed training provider and apply for and receive accreditation/licensing from the Department to perform these lead paint activities. The only categories that are not required to apply for and receive accreditation from the State are​ Abatement Workers, Structural Steel Workers, and Project Designers.​
  • Accredi​tation Applications
    • Paper applications are no longer accepted
    • Applications are accepted online only through the Lead Rental Certification and Accreditation database. The link to the database is at the top of the page. 
    • Categories for accreditation/licensing are: supervisors, inspectors, risk assessors, contractors, instructors, training providers and courses.
    • The application processing period may take up to 90 days for all accreditation categories. Please be aware that incomplete applications may take longer.
    • Renewal applicants- as per State law (SG §10-226) if you apply no less than two weeks in advance of your accreditation expiring you may continue to use your accreditation unless the State informs you that you may not use it through an application pending notice or another communication​ from the Program.
  • Accreditation Application Fees​ 
  • Third Party Exam Information
  • Inspection Contractors who will be operating an X-Ray Florescent Analyzer (XRF) are required to obtain a Radioactive Material License.  Contact the Radiological Health Program​ to learn more​.
  • Maryland Risk Assessor Required Experience 
  • Public Drinking Water Sample Certification is required for an Inspector Technician or Risk Assessor who plans to collect water samples. 

Supplemental Instructions and Forms

  • Unit Naming Guidance 
  • Exterior Waiver Guidance also known as a "Winter Waiver"
    • Exterior Waiver Contacts on the Maryland Building Codes Website. Select either "Counties" or "Municipalities" to find the contact information for your local jurisdiction on the Maryland Building Codes Website.                         
    • Attention: Baltimore City does not issue winter waivers for use in complying with Maryland's Lead Risk Reduction regulations. All exterior work must be completed prior to performing a lead paint inspection. 

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Contact Information

MDE Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
410-537-3825 or 1-800-633-6101, Ext. 3825​​​​

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