Bay Restoration Initiatives

What are Bay Restoration Initiatives?

Bay Restoration Initiatives are high priority areas of interest that influence, guide, and promote Chesapeake Bay cleanup. Maryland works to identify these top level issues and develops strategies to manage them.


Maryland's Bay Restoration Initiatives

Aligning for Growth

Maryland is working to develop methods to manage additional pollution from population growth in order to stay within the pollution limits set by the Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Plan.

Clean Water Commerce Act

The Clean Water Commerce Act, provides an opportunity for private sector investments to efficiently reduce sediment and nutrient pollution from entering Chesapeake Bay and allows the State to purchase these pollution reductions using the Bay Restoration Fund.

Conowingo Dam

Conowingo Hydroelectric Generating Station is in the process of applying for a new license. Maryland is currently assessing the issues resulting from the infill of the reservoir that has caused the dam to stop trapping nutrient and sediment pollution.

Water Quality Trading

In order to reduce nutrient and sediment pollution in the most cost effective way possible, Maryland is developing a Water Quality Trading Program.


Looking for WIP Development?

MDE provides outreach, guidance, and technical assistance for developing and implementing Watershed Implementation Plans.

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