Adopted Land Regulations

Up to Date as of December 20, 2022.​ 

List of Final Actions 

The Secretary of the Department can adopt a regulation upon expiration of the 45th day after it is proposed in the Maryland Register.

After a regulation is adopted, a Notice of Final Action is published in the Maryland Register.  If any non-substantive changes are made to a regulation from the original proposed text, the Notice of Final Action shows the changes with explanation for the changes.  The Final Action also specifies the date on which the adopted regulations ​will go into effect.  

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Adopted Land Regulations listed are those adopted within the last 3 years.

Regulation TitleFood Residuals - Organics Recycling and Waste Diversion
PurposeTo implement House Bill 264/Senate Bill 483 of 2021 entitled Solid Waste Management – Organics Recycling and Waste Diversion – Food Residuals. This law requires certain persons who generate, beginning January 1, 2023, certain qualities of food residuals to separate their food residuals from other solid waste, and divert those food residuals from final disposal in a refuse disposal system through reduction, reuse, and recycling.
COMAR26.04.13.01 - .05
Effective Date12/26/2022

Regulation TitleOil Pollution Control and Storage Tank Management
Comprehensively modernizes Maryland’s oil pollution control and storage tank management regulations by:
1) Incorporating U.S. EPA’s underground oil and hazardous substance storage tank system requirements into state regulations;
2) Establishing new requirements for registering, constructing, and operating aboveground oil storage tank systems;
3) Revising the reimbursement limits for certain homeowners under the Residential Heating Oil Tank Site Rehabilitation Reimbursement Program; and
4) Establishing new regulations for high risk oil storage facilities that dispense motor fuel, marina motor fuel dispensing facilities, and the transportation and storage of heating oil.
COMAR26.10.01 - 26.10.18
Effective Date6/13/2022

Regulation TitleVoluntary Cleanup Program
PurposeEstablishes criteria for determining whether a Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) applicant has certified their intention to use an eligible property to generate clean or renewable energy, qualifying the applicant for a VCP application fee waiver.
Effective Date1/1/2022

Regulation TitleBlood Lead Reporting
PurposeUpdates the Maryland Department of the Environment’s regulations governing blood lead reporting by medical laboratories and health care providers.
COMAR26.02.01.01 - .05
Effective Date7/1/2020

Regulation TitleHazardous Waste Generators Improvements Rule and Treatability Study Revisions
PurposeThe purpose of this final action is to incorporate into Maryland regulations provisions of the federal Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule (81 Fed. Reg. 85732, November 28, 2016), to modify the P075 nicotine hazardous waste listing to exclude over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapies, and to make an adjustment to the quantities of waste that may be used in treatability study evaluations.
COMAR26.13.01—26.13.03, 26.13.05, 26.13.06, and 26.13.10
Effective Date5/3/2021

Regulation TitleProcedures for Abating Lead Containing Substances from Buildings
PurposeSpecifies the laboratory analysis requirements for collected dust-lead samples, and establishes more stringent standards for lead content in dust for post-abatement clearance testing.
Effective Date7/1/2020

Regulation TitleAccreditation and Training for Lead Paint Abatement Services
PurposeTo correct an obsolete cross-reference in the definition of “child care center”.
Effective Date7/1/2020

Regulation TitleProcedures for Performing Lead Paint Abatement Services
PurposeTo clarify that inspections performed as part of a lead-poisoned child investigation must be performed in accordance with the new environmental investigation regulations; establish more stringent dust-lead level standards for an affected property owner satisfying a risk reduction standard under section 6-815 or 6-819 of the Environment Article; incorporates by reference updated ASTM Standards for performing dust-wipe sampling; and specifies the laboratory analysis requirements for collected paint, dust, and soil samples.
COMAR26.16.05.01 - .03,,
Effective Date7/1/2020

Regulation TitleEnvironmental Investigations (New Chapter)
PurposeEstablish protocols for conducting an environmental investigation, consistent with the protocols of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Guidelines for the Evaluation and Control of Lead–Based Paint Hazards in Housing, for a child under the age of 6 or a pregnant woman diagnosed with an elevated blood lead level.
Effective Date7/1/2020

Regulation TitleReduction of Lead Risk in Housing
PurposeLowers the dust-lead levels that define lead-contaminated dust, and incorporates by reference the 2012 edition of “Chapter 7: Lead-Based Paint Inspections” of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Guidelines for the Evaluation and Control of Lead–Based Paint Hazards in Housing.
COMAR26.16.02.02, - 1,
Effective Date7/1/2020

Number of Adopted Land Regulations: 10

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