Testing for Lead in Drinking Water - Public and Nonpublic Schools


Maryland law (Chapter 386, 2017) requires all occupied public and nonpublic schools, serving children in prekindergarten to grade 12, that receive drinking water from a public utility to test for the presence of lead in all drinking water outlets.

The first round of sampling required all school buildings serving students in prekindergarten through grade 5 and school buildings built before 1988 complete lead testing by July 1, 2018.


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Status of HB 270 Implementation

Summary of Results

As of November 13, 2018, MDE has received a total of 31,532 first-draw lead sample results from 12 public school systems,114 nonpublic schools, and five charter schools. Of this number, 1,087 samples exceeded the Action Level (AL) of 20 parts per billion (ppb) of lead. Of the samples that exceeded the AL, 462 (42.5%) were from drinking water outlets, and 431 (39.7%) were from non-consumption outlets. There were 194 samples that exceeded the AL for lead for which a use determination could not be made. It should be noted that HB 270 only mandates the testing of drinking water outlets; however, many schools have chosen to test non-consumption outlets as well. The following tables present the above information in greater detail and will be updated as more data becomes available.

Summary of First-Draw Sample Results for Public, Nonpublic, and Charter Schools


Summary of Waivers and Deferrals

MDE has received 693 applications for a twelve-month deferral from initial testing, and, in consultation with MSDE, has granted approval to 689 applications. MDE has received 115 applications for three-year deferrals in initial testing; 88 of these did not meet the strict requirements for approval, and the remaining 27 are under review as of November 13, 2018. MDE has received 126 applications for waivers from testing; 113 did not meet the strict requirements for approval, and the remaining 13 are under review at this time. The following tables present the above information in greater detail and will be updated as more data become available.

Summary of Deferrals

Summary of Waivers



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