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Up to Date as of October 13, 2021

Voluntary Cleanup Program - Clean and Renewable Energy Development and Siting Fee Waiver

The Maryland Department of the Environment gives notice of a public comment period for a proposed
action to adopt new Regulations .01—.07 under a new chapter, COMAR 26.14.03 Voluntary
Cleanup Program. The proposed action implements Chapter 544, Acts of 2020 by establishing criteria
for determining whether a Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) applicant has certified their intention to use an eligible property to generate clean or renewable energy, qualifying the applicant for a VCP application fee waiver.

The full text of the proposed regulations was published in Volume 48, Issue 21 of the Maryland Register on October 8, 2021. A copy of published notice of proposed action and a compliance guide for
the proposed regulations can be viewed on the Proposed Land Regulations webpage.

Interested parties may submit public comments on the proposed action through November 8,
2021, by submitting a written comment or comment via telephone to:

Erica Chapman, Administrator II
Land and Materials Administration
Maryland Department of the Environment
1800 Washington Blvd., Suite 610
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
ph:  410-537-3304     fax:  410-537-3002

If submitting a written comment, please include “Proposed VCP Regulations” in the subject line..

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