Land Regulations

MDE's regulatory function occurs through a coordinated effort. Both internal as well as external reviews are performed. The review process helps to ensure participation from within MDE as well as from our stakeholders, other agencies, the general public and other units affected by our regulations. Areas of involvement may include regional public meetings, public hearings, media publications, etc.

Each newly proposed regulation is published in the Maryland Register. Every proposal describes how and when to submit comments. Additional published information includes comparison to Federal Standards, and economic impacts on agencies, industries, and small businesses. The Maryland Register is an official publication of the State of Maryland that is published every two weeks.

A listing of emergency, proposed, recently adopted, and in development MDE regulations related to land are listed below.   

Public Hearings, Meetings and Request for Comments

Contact Person

Unless otherwise provided in the text of the emergency or proposed regulation itself, the MDE contact person for Maryland Land Regulations is:

Ed Hammerberg, Regulations Coordinator
Maryland Department of the Environment
Land and Materials Administration
1800 Washington Boulevard, Suite 610
Baltimore, Maryland  21230-1719
Telephone: 410-537-3356

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