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Up to Date as of July 14, 2021. 

Proposed Actions provide the full text of proposed regulations and amendments, an estimate of the economic impact of an action on the regulated parties, the agency, other State or local agencies, and the general public. Proposed Actions also detail how the public may provide comments to an agency about a proposed regulation.

All Notices of Proposed Action are published in the Maryland Register.

Regulation TitleHazardous Waste – Land Disposal Restrictions, Electronic Manifest System, Legitimacy Criteria for Recycling, and Other Miscellaneous Changes
PurposeThe purpose of this action is to modify Maryland's hazardous waste regulations to maintain consistency with the federal hazardous waste regulatory program. The main elements of the proposal are the adoption of land disposal restriction regulations from Title 40 Part 268 of the Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR Part 268), adoption of criteria for what constitutes “legitimate” recycling of hazardous waste, adoption of federal provisions regarding the national electronic manifest system for hazardous waste tracking, adoption of federal requirements on international shipments of hazardous waste, adoption of additional requirements for liners, leak detection, and leachate collection for hazardous waste land disposal units, repeal of provisions that allowed the burning of certain waste materials if they met criteria to be considered "comparable" to commercial fuels (provisions that were vacated at the federal level as a result of a court decision), addition of a waste in the organic chemicals industry category, and revision of “delisting” provisions for hazardous waste to clarify that the State’s authority is limited to wastes listed as hazardous by Maryland but not the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
COMAR26.13.01 – 26.13.07, 26.13.09, 23.13.10
Relevant Statutory DeadlineNone
Public Informational and Formal Comment OpportunitiesThe comment period is open until August 2, 2021
Other DocumentsIntroductory Material - MD Register 7-2-21
| Text - Proposed changes to Title 26, Subtitle 13 of COMAR - 7-2-21
StatusA Notice of Proposed Action was published in the Maryland Register on 7/2/21.
Number of Land Proposed Regulations: 1

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