Things You Can Do To Protect Maryland's Water Quality

  1. Report any dumping of inappropriate materials into storm water drains (such as oil, antifreeze); and construction sites over 5 acres that do not have erosion or sediment controls, to your local municipal officials.
  2. Use good housekeeping practices with lawn care chemicals, oil, gasoline, pet wastes, etc.
  3. Help to start or participate in programs to recycle and safely dispose of used oils and household hazardous wastes and containers.
  4. Tell others about pollution runoff and storm water runoff and what they can do to help.
  5. Plant trees, shrubs and ground cover to protect bare soil and reduce runoff.
  6. Create a "rain garden" to keep rain water in your yard to replenish plants.
  7. Try composting to recycle yard wastes and reduce fertilizer use.
  8. Find alternatives to the chemicals you use on your lawn.