Tips for Ensuring Safe Harvesting of Fish and Shellfish

  1. Properly dispose of old pesticides (chlordane, DDT, etc.) (410-537-3000).
  2. Report leaking transformers.
  3. Maintain routine maintenance of transportation vehicles.
  4. Properly dispose of thermometers (410-537-3000).
  5. Become knowledgeable and practice Department recommendations and guidance regarding advisories on the consumption of fish, crabs and shellfish in Maryland's waterways.
  6. If property is waterfront, consider adding riparian buffer zones to minimize runoff of excessive pesticides and nutrients.
  7. Keep a routine maintenance schedule for your septic system.
  8. Clean up after your pets and dispose of pet waste properly.
  9. Consider the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries a seafood source and do not dump chemicals, soaps, pet waste, etc. down the storm drains.
  10. Report incidents of fish kills (Normal work hours: 1-800-285-8195; after hours: 1-877-224-7229  or 1-866-633-4686).