Scientific and Technical Work Group

Peter GoodwinChair
Representatives of Academic Institutions
Adel ShirmohammadiCollege of Agriculture and Natural Resources, UMCP
Amir SapkotaSchool of Public Health, UMCP
Eric D. WachsmanUniversity of Maryland Energy Research Center, UMCP
Fernando Miralles-WilhelmEarth Science Interdisciplinary Center, UMCP
Russell R. DickersonDepartment of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, UMCP
Belay DemozJoint Center for Earth Systems Technologies, UMBC
David A. VankoFisher School of Science, Towson University
Ghassem AsrarJoint Global Change Research Institute
Jane M. KirschlingSchool of Nursing, University of Maryland Baltimore
Peter GoodwinUniversity of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Donald BoeschUniversity of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Eric A. DavidsonAppalachian Laboratory, UMCES
Representatives of State Agencies
Jason KepplerMaryland Department of Agriculture