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Mitigation Work Group

The Mitigation Work Group (MWG) supports the charge of the Commission for proposing regulatory, market-based and voluntary programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while supporting economic development and job creation. For more information, please read the group's Work Plan. 

Mitigation Work Group Meetings

The MWG members meet monthly, hosted by the Maryland Department of the Environment. Meetings are open to the public and each meeting includes time for public comment. Meeting details and materials are on this page. 

Inclement Weather Policy

The next MWG meeting will be on July 14, 10 a.m. - noon. 


Meeting Materials

expand Meeting Date: 7/14/2020
  Remote Work for Reducing Pollution
  The Remote Economy and its Enivronmental Impact
expand Meeting Date: 6/23/2020
  Using Natural and Working Lands to Combat Climate Change
  Building EcoSystem Markets in Maryland
expand Meeting Date: 6/18/2020
expand Meeting Date: 5/12/2020
  Surface Transportation Funding
expand Meeting Date: 4/28/2020
  Model Run Comments
  State Buildings Executive Order
expand Meeting Date: 4/2/2020
  MDE Slides for MWG April 2 2020
expand Meeting Date: 2/21/2020
  Meeting Minutes
  MDE Presentation on ENERGY
  SIERRA CLUB Presentation on Coal
expand Meeting Date: 1/21/2020
  2020 Draft Work Plan
expand Meeting Date: 11/19/2019
  GGRA Macroeconomic and Public Health Estimates (Excel File)
  Advanced Biofuels USA Slide Notes
  Prosperous, Renewable Maryland
  Sustainable Low Carbon Fuel Use and Production in Maryland (Long Version)
expand Meeting Date: 9/17/2019
  Considerations for a Clean & Renewable Energy Standard
expand Meeting Date: 8/13/2019
expand Meeting Date: 7/16/2019
  GGRA 40 By 30 Goal Draft Plan Overview
  Economic Impact of the Draft GGRA Plan
expand Meeting Date: 5/6/2019
expand Meeting Date: 4/16/2019
  Panelists Biographies
  Supplemental Information
  Comments on fossil fuel use in the building sector
expand Meeting Date: 3/12/2019
  Greenhouse Gas Reductions from Agriculture: Menu of Recommended Practices
expand Meeting Date: 1/15/2019
expand Meeting Date: 12/6/2018
expand Meeting Date: 11/13/2018
  Maryland Pathways Policy Scenario 3: Carbon Price Scenario
  Webinar Notes
expand Meeting Date: 11/1/2018
expand Meeting Date: 8/30/2018
  Modeling Update
  Economic Impacts of Policy Scenario 1 (Updated)
  Discussion Poll Results
expand Meeting Date: 8/2/2018
  Sequestering Carbon in Agricultural Soils
expand Meeting Date: 6/27/2018
  On-Road Inventory Development Process
  Transforming Maryland's Transportation Sector
  Sierra Club EV Policy Toolkit
expand Meeting Date: 5/31/2018
  Minutes (revised)
  Climate XChange Statement
  Impact of a Carbon Pollution Charge
  Sequestering Carbon in Agricultural Soils
expand Meeting Date: 5/3/2018
  The criticality of Natural Gas
  Recommendations for Maryland CHP Program
expand Meeting Date: 4/5/2018
  Economic Impacts of Reducing GHG Emissions
expand Meeting Date: 3/1/2018
  Using Procurement Policies to Support American Manufacturing Jobs
  Maryland In-State Low Carbon Power and Jobs
expand Meeting Date: 2/1/2018
  2018 Work Plan
  Maryland Pathways Reference Scenario Presentation
expand Meeting Date: 11/17/2017
expand Meeting Date: 10/27/2017
  GGRA Modeling Update
  MWG Draft Work Plan
expand Meeting Date: 9/15/2017
  Transportation and Climate Change Planning
expand Meeting Date: 8/24/2017
  Recommendations for the 2017 Report
expand Meeting Date: 7/13/2017
  NABTU Presentation
  RGGI Presentation
expand Meeting Date: 6/23/2017
  MWG Meeting Notes
  Energy Programs Consortium Presentation
  PACE Bill Due in Baltimore City Blog Post
expand Meeting Date: 5/11/2017
  Meeting Notes
  NASA Carbon Monitoring System
expand Meeting Date: 4/21/2017
  Keep it Made in America - Brian Lombardozzi
  Meeting Notes
  Supplemental Material: Clean Energy and Creating Manufacturing Jobs in Maryland - Brian Lombardozzi
  Supplemental Material: Maryland’s Clean Energy Future: Climate Goals and Employment Benefits - Labor Network for Sustainability
expand Meeting Date: 3/16/2017
  Environmental Justice and Coastal Resiliency
  Supplemental Material: Web links that may facilitate discussion
  Supplemental Material: Letter from the Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities to the Maryland Commission on Climate Change
expand Meeting Date: 2/24/2017
  2017 Work Plan Draft
  Presentation: On-Road Inventory Development Process
expand Meeting Date: 12/19/2016
  Mitigation Working Group Draft 2017 Work Plan
expand Meeting Date: 11/28/2016
  Meeting Notes
expand Meeting Date: 10/24/2016
expand Meeting Date: 10/6/2016
  Draft of MWG Input to MCCC 2016 Report
expand Meeting Date: 9/26/2016
  Meeting Notes
  Presentation: Maryland Electric Vehicle Initiatives
  Presentation: Advancing EV Adoption in Maryland: Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Opportunities
expand Meeting Date: 8/22/2016
  Presentation: The Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Act of 2016 a August 2016 Update - What do we know about 40 by 30?
  Presentation: EPA/DOT Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Efficiency Phase II Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles
  Science Direct Journal Article: Place-based perceptions of the impacts of fracking along the Marcellus Shale
expand Meeting Date: 7/25/2016
  Meeting Notes
  Beyond a Band-Aid: A Discussion Paper on Protecting Workers and Communities in the Great Energy Transition
expand Meeting Date: 6/27/2016
  Meeting Notes
  U.S. Methane Leakage from Natural Gas Systems: Academic Literature, 2014 – 2016. Chesapeake Climate Action Network
  Presentation: Methane Emissions. Howard J. Feldman, American Petroleum Institute
  Presentation: Methane: A Status Report from MDE
expand Meeting Date: 5/23/2016
  RGGI Overview
  Presentation: Sierra Club - Beyond Coal
expand Meeting Date: 4/25/2016
  Presentation: Enhanced Economic Analysis and Social Equity Issues
  Presentation: Maryland Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities’ Recommendations to the Maryland Climate Change Commission as they work to address Equity in their 2016 Action Plan
expand Meeting Date: 3/14/2016
  Meeting Notes
  Presentation by the California Air Resources Board
  Short-lived Climate Pollutants Presentation
expand Meeting Date: 2/29/2016
  Meeting Notes
expand Meeting Date: 11/19/2015
  Executive Summary
  Chapter 11
expand Meeting Date: 10/9/2015
  Meeting Notes
expand Meeting Date: 9/3/2015
  Meeting Notes
expand Meeting Date: 7/27/2015
expand Meeting Date: 7/23/2015
  Economic and Fiscal Impact of Maryland's GGRA Plan
expand Meeting Date: 7/20/2015
expand Meeting Date: 7/16/2015
  State GHG Goals Handout
expand Meeting Date: 7/13/2015
expand Meeting Date: 6/19/2015
  MDOT Presentation
expand Meeting Date: 6/5/2015
  Meeting Minutes
  Implementation of GGRA Programs Assigned to MDOT
  Draft Table of Contents for the GGRA Report
expand Meeting Date: 5/21/2015
  Meeting Minutes
  Handout 1 - Subgroup Meeting Structure
  Handout 3 - EmPOWER and RPS Progress Update
  Handout 5 - Outside Support for GGRA/Climate Commission Report

MWG Buildings Ad Hoc Group

On April 28, 2020, the Mitigation Work Group (MWG) co-chairs agreed to create an ad hoc group of volunteers, both members and non-members of the MWG, focused on developing recommendations for decarbonizing buildings in Maryland. The group’s primary objectives, which come from the MWG’s 2020 Work Plan, are to:
  • Analyze and determine specific targets and timelines for decreasing emissions from residential and commercial buildings; 
  • Analyze and identify specific mechanisms for decreasing emissions from residential and commercial buildings;
The group will meet monthly through October 2020 to develop and present a final set of recommendations to the MWG. Meetings are open to the public. ​​The next meeting will be held on July 9 from 3-5 p.m. via Google Meeting: meet.google.com/yiw-ziqa-fpf​​

Meeting Materials

July 9, 2020

June 4, 2020