Annual Climate Change Reports

​By state law, Maryland Code, Environment 2-1305, many executive agencies of Maryland State government are required to report annually, to the Maryland Commission on Climate Change and the Governor, on their efforts to mitigate Greenhouse Gases and improve climate change overall by their policies and programs. This page is a repository for those agency reports, including the Maryland Department of the Environment. The deadline for agencies to report each year is December 31st and then they will be posted shortly thereafter at this site.

 Annual Reports for 2020, by agency:

Certain State agencies report annually on the status of programs that support the State’s greenhouse gas reduction efforts and address climate change, in accordance with §2–1257​​ ​of the State Government Article. Click on an agency name to open its report.

Older reports are archived here

For any questions, please contact the Maryland Commission on Climate Change staff via Susan Casey