Commuter Choice Challenge

There has never been a better time for organizations to support their employees when it comes to commuting.  State and federal programs have been expanded to incentivize commute options that reduce costs, time, and frustration while also shrinking your organization's carbon footprint.​  

The list of programs and actions below range from tax benefits to simple steps to promoting alternatives to single ​occupancy vehicles.  Take at least one of the steps below and submit the form to be entered in the Commuter Choice Challenge prize drawing.  Taking two to five steps​ doubles your entry in the prize drawing and taking six or more steps gives you three entries in the prize drawing.  

The drawing will include your choice of prizes including cycling gear, work-from-home accessories, the assistance of Commuter Choice program in bolstering employee education, and additional prizes still to be determin​ed.​​ Note: if your organization blocks use of Google Forms, just email the steps you've taken to​

For more information:  Commuter Choice Challenge Webinar Recording (May 10, 2023)


Steps to a Smarter, Greener Employee Commute Progra​m​​​

Become a Commuter Choice Maryland Employer Partner.

This program is a one-stop shop for receiving both technical support on implementing and evaluating commuter benefits programs and recognition for your leadership in offering these options.  This includes assistance with important planning tools like developing employee surveys and site assessments.

Claim the Maryland Commuter Tax Credit​​​ OR offer subsidies for any of the following if the Commuter Tax Credit cannot be claimed.

Maryland businesses and non profits can ​apply for a tax credit of 50% of the cost of employer provided commuter benefits (up to $100 per employee per month) when offering employees qualified commuting benefits programs like: 

      Guaranteed Ride Home                    Vanpool 
      Transit​                                               Cash in Lieu of Parking 
      Telework​                                            Carpool 
      Biking/Walking                                  Multi-modal Last Mile Connection Options* 

   *​ ride hail services up to five miles between mode of transportation and work.

Provide employees tax free commuter benefits covered by the​​ Federal Transportation Fringe Benefit​.

The Federal tax code allows employers to provide tax-free benefits (up to $300 per employee per month in 2023) for qualifying parking, vanpool, and transit benefits through a tax-free, employer-paid subsidy or pre-tax, employee-paid deduction (or a combination of the two).  

Locate your business near public transit​.

​​​Consider access to transit when choosing your businesss location and inform employees of transit options anytime your business relocates.

​Promote Employee Commute Programs and Alternative Transportation.

Newsletters, emails, displays of benefits and information like bus and transit maps, commuter benefits fairs, and providing information as part of ​ new employee orientation are all ways to promote employee commute benefits and options.

Try a campaign or workplace challenge that encourages employees to try transit for a day or week, or to participate in an event like Bike to Work Week, May ​15-21, 2023, and Bike to Work Day​ on May 19.​

Promote​ use of the incenTrip mobile application.​

IncenTrip is a free mobile application that helps Maryland commuters save time and money, while also earning cash and other rewards when they take transit, rideshare, bike, or walk instead of driving alone during peak weekday commute times.

Facilitate formation of carpools/vanpools/ride matching.​

Promote the free ridematching platform through Commuter Connections at​

Provide sign-up sheets or other ways for employees to collaborate on carpooling.

Provide flexible working schedules to make vanpooling and carpooling a viable option.

Provide preferential parking for carpools and vanpools.

Install bicycle racks or lockers. 

Install shower facilities for bicyclists and walkers.

Promote bike sharing and electric scooter programs.

Promote the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program OR start an employer-sponsored GRH program if your organization is not located in the Commuter Connections GRH service area

Provide employee shuttle service to transit stations.

Implement a telework program.

Offer a compressed work week option.

Implement and share other innovative approaches to inform and incentivize smarter, greener employee commuting at your organization.

For more information on Commuter Choice Maryland programs, contact the program directly at 410-865-1100 or email

Representatives are available to assist Monday—Friday, 8:00 a.m.—4:30 p.m.
Visit their website at:​

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