Employee Commute/Customer Travel 

1. Locate your business near transit facilities or provide shuttles to transit stops.

2.  Offer incentives for public transit use.

3.  Promote teleworking and flexible schedules.

4.  Promote ridesharing by providing preferred parking for car or vanpools.

5.  Promote biking to work by providing on-site amenities such bike racks and showers.

6.  Join Clean Air Partners and sign up to receive AirAlerts.

  • Encourage employees to telecommute or use public transit particularly on Code Orange, Red or Purple air quality index days. Also delay vehicle and equipment refueling and maintenance on these days

For your member profile:  Describe measures taken to reduce the number and distance of employee and /or customer trips taken by single occupancy vehicles and include resutls (e.g. reduction in vehicle iles travelled or gallons of fuel reduced) where available.

Efficient Business Travel

1.  Select meeting locations that minimize travel distances and maximize transit access.

2.  Encourage use of transit and ridesharing to meetings.

3.  Use web and teleconferencing where appropriate.

4.  Improve efficiency in delivery of goods and services.

  • Choose the most fuel-efficient fleet vehicle for each trip.
  • Minimize the number of trips and shipments by combining shipments, maximizing carrying capacity of trucks and other forms of shipment, and promoting e-commerce.
  • Plan efficient service and delivery routes.

For your member profile: Describe measures taken to support efficient business travel through teleconferencing, ridesharing and other means and include results (e.g. reduction in vehicle miles travelled or gallons of fuel reduced) and cost savings where available.

 Efficient Fleet Vehicles

1.  Take advantage of tax credits and rebates for electric vehicles and charging stations

2.  Improve vehicle gas mileage

3.  Reduce idling.  (IdleFree Maryland Toolkit​)

4.  Use Alternative Fuel Vehicles to reduce or eliminate petroleum use

5.  Certify your organization or use freight carriers that are certified by the Sm​artWay program

For your member profile:  Describe purchasing, maintenance and other measures taken to increase fuel efficiency in fleet vehicles and include results (e.g. reduction in vehicle miles travelled or gallons of fuel reduced and cost savings where available.

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