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The Water Supply Program is part of the Water and Science Administration within the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE). The mission of the Water Supply Program is to ensure safe and sustainable supplies of water for drinking and other purposes to meet current and future needs of communities and ecosystems. This mission is accomplished through proper planning for water withdrawal, protection of water sources that are used for public water supplies, oversight and enforcement of routine water quality monitoring at public water systems, regular onsite inspections of water systems, and prompt response to water supply emergencies. The Water Supply Program's activities help to ensure safe drinking water for more than 5.7 million Marylanders. For more general facts on Maryland Drinking Water, click here.

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Recent Reports and News

Drought Status

Eastern Shore is in Drought Watch​


State and Federal Regulations for Drinking Water Systems, Safe Drinking Water Act

Water Conservation

General Facts, Drought, Tips for consumers and business owners, Water Auditing, Climate Change

Guidance for Water Systems, Forms, Capacity Management, Capacity Development, Operator Guidance, Source Water Assessment and Protection

Publications and Reports

Safe Drinking Water Act Compliance Reports, Advisory Committee Reports, Consumer Confidence Reports

Testing for Lead in Schools

Requirements of Maryland House Bill 270 and requirements for testing for lead in the drinking water of public and nonpublic schools


Information for Consumers

General Information on Drinking Water, Safe Drinking Water Reports, Consumer Confidence Reports, Residential Wells

Lead and Copper in Drinking Water

Rules, Forms, and Information Concerning Lead and Copper in Drinking Water

Water Resource Management

Water Studies, Source Water Protection, Climate Change, Drought Response and Assessment, and Conservation 

Water Sampler and Laboratory Certification

Sampler Certification Courses, Certification of Drinking Water Laboratories, Forms

Water Usage e-Reporting

Water Usage e-Reporting Submit Water Withdrawal and Water Use Reports Digitally, Account Set-up information , Online Forms

Board of Waterworks and Waste Systems Operators

The Board of Waterworks and Waste Systems Operators, Forms and Information

Board of Well Drillers

Information on the State Board of Well Drillers


Permitting Procedure, Applications and Forms, Notice of Applications Received

For more information contact the Water Supply Program at 410-537-3702 or water.supply@maryland.gov.​​

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1-888-373-7888 233733 More Information on human trafficking in Maryland

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