Board of Waterworks and Waste System Operators

Update to Operators Regarding Termination of the COVID-19 Renewal Extension, April 2021

The administrative extension of certification renewals will terminate on June 30, 2021. Late fees will be reimplemented as of July 1, 2021.

NEW—List of Active Certified Operators

The current lists of operators reflects certifications can be found on the Board’s web page for Active, Inactive per the 90-day grace period, and Inactive per the 2-year reinstatement period for the following classifications:
 Each report is sorted alphabetically by operator last name and includes their certification number, the type of certificate(s) held, and the next expiration date for each certificate:
  • S = Designated Superintendent of a Specified Works
  • O = Fully Certified Operator (passed exam and met experience requirement)
  • T = Operator In Training (formerly “Temporary”)

***** COVID UPDATE as of October 1, 2020 ******

Per Governor Hogan’s administrative extension due to the pandemic challenges, the following is in effect until thirty (30) days after the state of emergency is terminated:
All certifications that expired on or after April 1, 2020 are considered active through thirty days after the state of emergency is terminated. These certifications may be in an extended and concurrent 90-grace period, depending upon the expiration date.
All certifications that expired on January 1, 2020 through and including March 1, 2020 were within the 90-day grace period at the time the Executive Order was issued and are considered inactive. The 90-day grace period has been extended for these certificates.
All other certifications listed on the report within the two-year reinstatement period and are considered inactive.
All certifications past the reinstatement period are not included on the website report. Please contact the Board at for additional information.
The current late fee structure per the Governor’s Executive Order is discussed in the letter posted on the Board’s website from the Water Supply Program Administrator, dated October 1, 2020. The letter also describes the impacts on training and exam availability.


Recently Approved WWSO Training: Downloadable Excel Files with Active Links

The WWSO Board approves applications for continuing education on a quarterly basis. In an effort to assist operators find appropriate training, recent Board approved training will be posted upon approval. Approved WWSO Training: March 24, 2021, includes active links to Training Sponsor's websites (exception: employer training meant for utility employees), known dates of training and course format (online, classroom, etc). These courses can also be found on the "Training Programs for Operators/ Superintendents" (historical search engine). Please check back regularly for updated information.

Updated List of Certified Operators for Staffing Assistance due to COVID-19 (January 2021)

Every day, Maryland water and wastewater utilities face numerous operational challenges that they easily overcome with their competent operation staff. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, maintaining a healthy, well-staffed operation team is more challenging than usual.  In March 2020, MDE developed a contingency plan to support utilities facing staffing shortages due to COVID related issues.  MDE conducted a survey and assembled a list of certified operators who are available to provide emergency staffing assistance to utilities in Maryland and EPA Region 3. The 2020 contact list was updated again in January 2021. Utilities seeking operator assistance can directly contact water, wastewater, and industrial wastewater operators for assistance. Please see the list of operators here.

MDE's Survey for Operators Interested in COVID-19 Regional Response (March 2020)

As a result of the COVID-19 health crisis, utilities are faced with many additional challenges, including plant staffing. MDE is seeking water, wastewater, and industrial wastewater operators who are currently employed as circuit riders, or who may be interested in assisting other utilities as one's certification(s) allow. By completing the survey, you are providing valuable insight for Maryland's utilities and MDE. Operators interested in providing assistance must respond to the survey by Friday April 3rd.

The survey and a summary of responses will be posted on the Board of Waterworks and Waste Systems Operators web page on MDE's website. Board staff will facilitate utilities and operators who are interested in participating. Utilities that require staffing assistance should contact the Water Supply Program or Wastewater Compliance Program directly.

For questions or additional information, please contact the Water Supply Program at Thank you for your time and assistance with this survey.

History, Charge and Term:

The Board of Waterworks and Waste Systems Operators  establishes the education, experience and examination standards which must be satisfied by operators and superintendents of water and wastewater treatment systems in the State, and issues and renews certificates based upon these standards.

The Board consists of eleven members. The Governor appoints eight of the members with the advice of the Secretary of the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), and the advice and consent of the State Senate. The Secretary of the Environment appoints the other three members.

The members appointed by the Governor serve four-year terms and may be reappointed. The members appointed by the Secretary of MDE serve at the pleasure of the Secretary.

Current Membership: 

Board Member


Term Expires

William Shreve

Chairman/ Wastewater Supervision


Douglas Abbott

Waterworks Supervision


Dominic DeLudos, Jr

Industrial Superintendent 6/30/2018

Bruce Damer



Dee Settar

MDE (recused / Acting Secretary)

Not applicable

Jay Price

Sanitary Commission


Eric Dutrow

Public at Large

Not applicable

Hiram Tanner

Public at Large

Not applicable

Partha Tallapragada

Maryland Environmental Service


Rosann NdeBumadu

Municipal Government


Ben Thompson

County Government



The Board is scheduled to meet on the third Thursday of each month. Meetings begin at 10:00 am. and usually last for three to four hours. The schedule of meetings, meeting agenda, meeting minutes as available, and related matter are available at this link.



Board Vacancies

Currently there is a vacancy on the Board. If you are interested in serving on the Board and would like to be considered when a vacancy occurs, please complete this Curriculum Vitae sheet.



To Contact the Board

Call 410-537-3167 or call (toll free in Maryland) 800-633-6101 ext. 3167, email or fax 410-537-3168.


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