Board of Waterworks and Waste System Operators

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List of Active Certified Operators

These lists indicate operators holding active certificates and operators whose certificates have expired in the past 90 days. Certifications are separated into classification of water, wastewater and industrial works.
 Each report is sorted alphabetically by operator last name and includes their certification number, the type of certificate(s) held, and the next expiration date for each certificate:
  • S = Designated Superintendent of a Specified Works
  • O = Fully Certified Operator (passed exam and met experience requirement)
  • T = Operator In Training (formerly “Temporary”)

Recently Received Applications

This report includes applications received by the WWSO Board for exams, initial and renewed certifications, exam registration and requests for reciprocity.
  • Exam registration will be confirmed via email (check spam folder) and posted registration list.
  • Certificates issued are reflected in the List of Active Certified Operators on this page.
  • Certificate and reciprocity processing will be delayed for applications with incorrect / missing fees, or incomplete documentation.
  • Renewal processing will be delayed for applications missing adequate proof of education and/ or the OIT exam requirement.
  • List of Applications: December 1, 2023 - March 27, 2024
  • List of Incomplete Applications up to March 28, 2024

Recently Approved WWSO Training: Downloadable PDF File with Active Links

The WWSO Board approves applications for continuing education on a quarterly basis. In an effort to assist operators find appropriate training, recent Board approved training will be posted upon approval.

These lists include active links to Training Sponsor's websites (exception: employer training meant for utility employees), known dates of training and course format (online, classroom, etc). These courses can also be found on the "Training Programs for Operators/ Superintendents" (historical search engine). Please check back regularly for updated information.

Training for Newly Appointed Superintendents-April 11, 2024

The MDE-sponsored mandatory training for newly appointed water, wastewater and industrial wastewater superintendents will be held on April 11, 2024 using the Google Meet platform. Eligible participants must hold the provisional one-year Superintendent certificate. Superintendents who previously attended the full day of training for one certificate classification may attend only the afternoon technical sessions for additional certificate classifications. Contact Martin Fuhr to register:  This training is held twice per year, in April and October, to meet the needs of provisionally-appointed Superintendents.

History, Charge and Term:

The Board of Waterworks and Waste Systems Operators  establishes the education, experience and examination standards which must be satisfied by operators and superintendents of water and wastewater treatment systems in the State, and issues and renews certificates based upon these standards.

The Board consists of eleven members. The Governor appoints eight of the members with the advice of the Secretary of the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), and the advice and consent of the State Senate. The Secretary of the Environment appoints the other three members.

The members appointed by the Governor serve four-year terms and may be reappointed. The members appointed by the Secretary of MDE serve at the pleasure of the Secretary.

Current Membership: 

Board Member


Term Expires

Douglas Abbott

Waterworks Supervision; Board Chair


William Shreve

Public at Large; Board Vice Chair

Not applicable

Anthony Nwagwe

Maryland Department of the EnvironmentNot applicable

Benjamin Thompson

Sanitary Commission


Bruce Darner



Connie Luffman

Wastewater Supervision


Davina Yutzy

County Government


Ed Hogan

Industrial Superintendent


Eric Dutrow

Public at Large

Not applicable

Joe Wright

Maryland Environmental Service


Sophia Oberton

Municipal Government6/30/2026​


The Board is scheduled to meet on the third Thursday of each month. Meetings begin at 10:00 am. and usually last for three to four hours. The schedule of meetings, meeting agenda, meeting minutes, closing statements as available, and related matter are available at this link.

Board Vacancies

Currently there is no vacancy on the Board. However, if you are interested in serving on the Board and would like to be considered when a vacancy occurs, please complete this Curriculum Vitae Sheet.


Board Of Waterworks and Waste Systems Operators Statement Prohibiting Impairment

July 15, 2021
As the Approving Authority for the State’s operator certification program and tasked to
protect public health and the environment, the Maryland Board of Waterworks and
Waste Systems Operators reiterates that Maryland law specifically prohibits the
following activities while under the influence of alcohol, medical cannabis or marijuana,
illicit drugs, and controlled substances:
  • Undertaking any task, when doing so would constitute negligence or professional malpractice; or
  • Operating, navigating, or being in actual physical control of any boat or motor vehicle.

To Contact the Board

Call 410-537-3167 or call (toll free in Maryland) 800-633-6101 ext. 3167, email or fax 410-537-3168.

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