Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Pretty Boy DamWater conservation is not just for drought! Maryland has experienced some exceptionally dry pe​riods during the past several years, and the word drought has brought out the water conservationist in all of us. It's important to remember that water conservation is not just for times of water shortage. Sound water use practices reduce the amount of stress that we place on our resources, both by limiting water withdrawals and by decreasing wastewater discharges. Conserving water reduces wear and tear on major infrastructure such as water and wastewater treatment plants and the distribution systems that deliver water to consumers, and can postpone or eliminate the need for making major investments in new infrastructure. Using less water helps us to become more flexible during times when there is a water shortage. Conserving water is simple and inexpensive! 

Tips on Conserving Water


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For more information contact the Water Supply Program at 410-537-3589 or water.supply@maryland.gov.