Information for Consumers

In Maryland, more than 4.8 million people are served daily by more than 3,400 public drinking water systems, ranging in size from a drinking fountain at a roadside rest area to a large metropolitan drinking water system. Each Marylander relies on their water system (whether large or small) to provide a safe and dependable supply of water, both now and in the future.

Photo of a glass of drinking waterThe following publications provide information that will be helpful to consumers in understanding drinking water quality, water system compliance and State and local efforts to ensure that drinking water meets all State and federal standards. In addition, select “residential wells” to learn more about quality issues affecting private on-site wells.

For more information, please contact the Water Supply Program at or 410-537-3702.

> Safe Drinking Water Act Compliance Reports
Maryland Operator Certification Reports
> Consumer Confidence Reports
> Residential Wells
> 2011 Capacity Development Report to the Governor 
> EPA Consumer Information
> Water Conservation
> Drought Assessment and Response