State Revolving Loan Fund Interest Rates

Standard Rate 0.80% (excluding admin)
Disadvantaged Community Rate 0.​​​​​40% (excluding admin)

Other subsidies (loan forgiveness/grant) may be available if the service area is classified by MWQFA as a “Disadvantaged Community”.

Loan Terms

Interest Rates

• See above interest rates.
Loan Term

• DWSRF: Up to 20 years (up to 30 years for Disadvantaged Communities, not to exceed useful life of asset).

• WQSRF:  Up to 30 years (based on useful life of asset).

Administrative Fee

• 5% of the aggregate debt service divided by 30, collected annually. This amounts to approximately 0.35% increase in the loan interest rate. The administrative fee is to cover Program operating expenses.

• SRF ​loan interest rates change monthly​. The interest rates are based on the average of the Bond Buyer 11-Bond Index (BB11-BI) for the month prior to loan closing. The standard SRF interest rate is equal to 50% of the ​BB11-BI and the Disadvantaged Community interest rate is equal to 25% of the BB11-BI.

For additional information, please call (410) 537-3119.