What's in Your Pond?

The Maryland Department of the Environment provided three interactive sessions for Maryland's regulators and the local jurisdictions to reestablish contact; refresh our understanding of regulatory authorities; and ensure we are all interpreting requirements the same way.​

The Universe of Ponds - September 16, 2020

A presentation looking at legal and regulatory authority, procedures and MOUs; a history of dam regulations in Maryland and the role of SCD in carrying out the regulatory requirements; categorizing embankments and outlining basic design criteria; and pond maintenance and retrofits.

Technical Issues - October 14, 2020

A discussion on hazard classifications and hazard creep and the draft MDE 'Guidance for Completing a Dam Breach Analysis for Small Ponds and Dams in Maryland'; common mistakes, myths, and misconceptions that MDE plan reviewers come across; policy memoranda; and sediment basins and Code 378.

What You See is What You Get! - November 18, 2020​

The final session ties the technical issues to solutions such as policy development and how we can collaborate reviews between jurisdictions; the changes that are proposed to modernize dam safety regulations; and how local planning, zoning and subdivision decisions can impact existing and proposed small ponds.