Chesapeake Terrace Rubble Landfill

​The proposed Chesapeake Terrace Rubble Landfill will be located along Patuxent Road in Odenton, Anne Arundel County, Maryland (39.042° N, 76.740° W). The landfill will be bounded on the northeast by the Little Patuxent River, on the west by the Amtrak Railroad, on the southwest by Conway Road, and on the southeast by Patuxent River Park.

National Waste Managers, Inc. has applied for a Refuse Disposal Permit to construct and operate a non-hazardous solid waste acceptance facility that will accept land clearing debris and construction and demolition debris for disposal and/or recycling. The proposed landfill is estimated to provide approximately 22 million cubic yards of landfill capacity to encompass a 150-acre fill area on a 480-acre site. The landfill will be required to have a liner and leachate collection system to capture and collect water that infiltrates into the landfill. There will also be a network of monitoring wells around the landfill to monitor the quality of the groundwater beneath the site.

Map: Chesapeake Terrace Rubble Landfill Site Location 
Map: Site Location for the proposed Chesapeake Terrace Rubble Landfill


The permit application and supporting documents are available for public review at the Anne Arundel County Public Library located at 1325 Annapolis Road, Odenton, Maryland 21113 and at MDE by appointment. 

2020-08-AA-ChesapeakeTer-Factsheet.pdfFactsheet - Chesapeake Terrace Rubble Landfill

1989-05-AA-ChesapeakeTerr-R-PhaseI.pdfPhase I Report - Chesapeake Terrace Rubble Landfill (May 1989)

2019-07-AA-ChesapeakeTerr-R-PhaseII.pdfPhase II Report - Chesapeake Terrace Rubble Landfill (July 2019)

2019-07-AA-ChesapeakeTerr-R-PhaseII.pdfPhase II Report Revision - Chesapeake Terrace Rubble Landfill (June 2020)

Chesapeake Terrace RF Phase III Report July 2020: 

2019-11-AA-ChesapeakeTer-NoticeofPIM.pdfChesapeake Terrace RF Phase III Volume 1 (July 2020)
2019-11-AA-ChesapeakeTer-NoticeofPIM.pdfChesapeake Terrace RF Phase III Volume 2 (July 2020)
2019-11-AA-ChesapeakeTer-NoticeofPIM.pdf Chesapeake Terrace RF Phase III Volume 3 (July 2020)​

2019-11-AA-ChesapeakeTer-NoticeofPIM.pdfNotice of Public Informational Meeting (November 2019)

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