Water Conservation

Governor's Advisory Committees

The 2005 - 2008 Advisory Committee on the Management and Protection of the State's Water Resources began meeting in 2005 and is continuing to study the complex issues related to managing Maryland's water supplies. The Committee is to produce a final report by July 2008, with an interim report due July 2006.

The 2003 - 2004 Advisory Committee on the Management and Protection of the State's Water Resources was formed in 2003 and charged with reviewing available information, applicable laws and regulations, and the adequacy of existing resources and with making recommendations to assure that the management and protection of the State's surface and ground water resources is conducted in a manner consistent with their long-term sustainable use and protection.  Based on the committee's recommendations for continued study of the issues, a second Advisory Committee was formed in 2005, and will continue to meet until 2008.

The Maryland Statewide Water Conservation Advisory Committee was formed in 2000, following the drought conditions experienced in 1999.  The committee was tasked with establishing statewide indicators for evaluating drought conditions, examining current water conservation efforts and the need for regional enhancements, assessing well failures and programs for ground water conservation, developing comprehensive public education and outreach programs, recommending short and long term planning solutions for responding to future drought conditions, and suggesting mechanisms to address its findings, if necessary.

The Maryland Technical Advisory Committee on Water Supply Infrastructure, also formed in 2000, was asked to make recommendations regarding community water system infrastructure deficiencies and needed improvements in Maryland.​​