2003 - 2004 Advisory Committee on the Management and Protection of the State's Water Resources

In March 2003, Executive Order 01.01.2003.08 authorized the formation of the Advisory Committee on the Management and Protection of the State's Water Resources.  The committee was charged with reviewing available information, research, and applicable regulations, and assessing the adequacy of existing resources to manage and protect the State's ground and surface water resources.  A final report was submitted to the Governor on May 28, 2004. 

The committee found that Maryland’s quality of life and continued economic well-being depend on an adequate water supply, and the state historically has enjoyed relatively abundant water resources.  But a combination of factors – among them drought, pollution of water sources, inadequate planning and infrastructure, incomplete information about water sources and population growth – could adversely affect the continued abundance of water without state action.  Most important is the need to improve planning at state and local levels to manage and protect water resources as Maryland’s economy and population grow.  Because of the relatively limited amount of time available to the committee to prepare its recommendations, the committee urged the state to continue its study of water supply issues.


For More Information

For more information, contact the Water Supply Program at 410-537-3702 or water.supply@maryland.gov