Water Use Restrictions Enforcement Guidelines for Local Governments, Maryland Chiefs of Police and Maryland Sheriffs

These water use restrictions are not currently in effect

Executive Order 01.2002.04 authorizes State and local law enforcement personnel to enforce water use restrictions pursuant to Article 16A, § 36 and Article 41, § 2-101 (g) of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

No enforcement should be conducted in a jurisdiction that has opted out pursuant to E(2) of the Executive Order.

Law Enforcement is advised to take a common sense approach to violations of the water use restrictions. The recommendations are that a first time offender receive a warning as an initial response, a second time offender receive a penalty up to $100 and a repeat offender receive an increased penalty with each violation up to the maximum allowed by law.

Local jurisdictions and some water suppliers have enforcement provisions. Law enforcement personnel are encouraged to contact local water suppliers regarding alternate enforcement measures.

Concerned citizens should call their local police department’s information line, but should not use the 911 emergency exchanges.

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For more information contact the Water Supply Program at 410-537-3589 or water.supply@maryland.gov.