Dam Safety Guidelines and Policies

Listed below are valuable resources, publications and checklists to inform and update individuals dealing with dam construction, repairs, or any modifications:


The "Do’s & Don’ts for Dam Construction" includes important information on pipe spillways, embankment construction, filter diaphragms and drainage layers, utilities in dams and "as-built" plans and records. 

The policy documents provide information on the small pond review criteria and the permit process. Also, information is provided on the type of vegetation that can be planted on the dam.

Lastly, the dam inspection checklist is for the benefit of the dam owners and inspectors, to assist in conducting inspections and performing necessary operation and maintenance activities.

 No trees or brush on dam embankments.  No trees or brush on dam embankments.
Upstream slope of the Centennial dam showing good grass cover and the riprap protecting the toe. (Click on picture for a larger view.) Tree and brush growth on dam embankments or in vegetated earth spillways should be removed.


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