Adopted Air & Radiation Regulations

List of Final Effective Actions

The Secretary of the Department can adopt a regulation upon expiration of the 45th day after it is proposed in the Maryland Register.

After a regulation is adopted, a Notice of Final Action is published in the Maryland Register​.​  If any non-​substantive changes are made to a regulation from the originally proposed text, the Notice of Final Action shows the changes with an explanation for the changes.  The Final Action also specifies the date on which the adopted regulations will go into effect.  

Click here​ to see a full list of Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) Title 26 - Department of Environment. The following list reflects the actions within the past two years. Historical records are available upon request.

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Last edited 1/5/2023​

Regulation Title
Controls for Natural Gas Compression Stations
Establish VOC and Methane reductions, Incorporate EPA guidelines as necessary
Effective Date11/16/2020

Regulation Title
The purpose of this action is to update incorporate by reference Regulation .02 to reflect the changes made by California since the last Maryland update in 2017
Effective Date6/3/2019

Regulation Title
Amendments to Interprecursor Trading ERCs
Minor clarification to remove EPA from approval of Interprecursor Trading offsets for VOC & NOx
Effective Date12/30/2019

Regulation Title
Control of Incinerators - Municipal Waste Combustors
To establish NOx RACT limits during warm-up
Effective Date5/4/2020

Regulation Title
Control of Hydrofluorocarbons
PurposeTo reduce HFC emissions by adopting specific US SNAP prohibitions for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, aerosol propellants and foam end uses.
Effective Date11/2/2020

Regulation TitleCross-State Air Pollution Rule to Control Annual NOx, Annual SO2, and Ozone Season Nox Emissions
PurposeIncorporate EPA program and emission caps
Effective Date3/23/2020

Regulation Title
Supplement 30 to Regulations for Control of Ionizing Radiation
(1) Update COMAR, Incorporation by Reference to (a) add requirements for security screening; (b) include future radiation machine certification expiration dates; (c) update the records and surveys section, including record retention period; and (d) clarify the definition of an authorized provider in the State of Maryland.
(2) Update COMAR to include future radiation machine certification expiration dates
COMAR26.12.01 & .02
Effective Date2/22/2021

Regulation TitleSupplement 31 to Regulations for Control of Ionizing Radiation
Incorporate NRC RATS 2018-1 and 2018-2 into COMAR
Effective Date12/27/2021

Regulation TitleVehicle Anti-Tampering Compliance
PurposeIt is illegal to remove or render inoperative any emission control device which was installed on a vehicle when it was manufactured, and the Department may perform inspections.
Effective Date2/7/2022

Regulation TitleVehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP) - Joint Promulgation
PurposeEnhance and clarify the VEIP, and delay inspection for new vehicles.
COMARCOMAR 26.11.22 and 11.14.08
Effective Date1/23/2023

Regulation TitleVehicle Anti-Tampering Compliance Amendment
PurposeClarification that wholesale auctions are exempt from the regulation
Effective Date1/9/2023

Regulation TitleSupplement 32 to Regulations for Control of Ionizing Radiation
Incorporate NRC RATS 2018-3, 2019-1, 2020-1, 2020-2 and 2020-3 and

miscellaneous edits into COMAR
Update the Electronic Brachytherapy regulation.
Effective Date12/12/2022

Regulation TitleAgricultural Record Keeping Amendment
Effective Date1/23/2023

Number of Adopted Air Regulations : 13