Informational Resources

Where Do I Start?

How do I put my organization on the path to sustainability?​

Pollution Prevention Checklist for Business​

Pollution Prevention Checklist for Home

Review your home and workplace to determine how you can reduce your costs while helping the environment.

Maryland Green Regi​stry Profiles​

Learn how organizations in Maryland of all types and sizes have saved money by reducing their waste streams and conserving energy, water and raw materials.


Recycling Resources

Despite efforts to minimize waste, there are still likely to be remaining waste streams to manage. Learn about your recycling options through state and local programs and take a look at Maryland's recycling market directory for possible sources of income.

Environmental Cost Accounting and Environmental Impact Calculators

How to calculate the costs and benefits of the actions you take.

Pollution Prevention Websites 

Industry-specific checklists, vendor information, and case studies. 

Maryland Business Assistance Providers 

These programs provide free or low-cost assistance to Maryland businesses in the form of grants, loans, training, recognition and technical assistance.