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Are you a business owner, local government official, utility manager or operator, researcher or other individual looking to get involved in promoting or taking advantage of water reuse? If so, consider how you can be part of MDE's Water Reuse Initiative.

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Although water reuse is not new to Maryland, the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) began reinvigorating its efforts in 2017. As part of a strategic restructuring, capacity was directed towards a water reuse initiative. This initiative includes setting goals and evaluating progress, helping raise awareness by providing general information about water reuse, improving business certainty via clear reuse guidelines, offering help with financial and technical resources, incorporating water reuse into long range planning for Chesapeake Bay restoration and Maryland's statewide water supply plan, and building strategic partnerships to create capacity that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Up Next: Water Reuse Guidance & Resources

To make water reuse a reality in Maryland the rules of the road need to be clear and resources for overcoming hurdles need to be readily available. That's the intent of the next section of MDE's water reuse website.

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