PreApplication Meetings

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) believes that a PreApplication meeting is an excellent opportunity to find out what information is necessary to submit a complete application. Experience shows that the submission of a complete application results in an expeditious review of a project, while an incomplete application often results in processing delays.

Meeting with a project manager, who is familiar with your area and knowledgeable about the regulatory process, prior to submitting an application helps identify informational requirements and potential pitfalls in the application review process. A PreApplication meeting highlights review procedures and provides guidance on the information necessary to advance the project, including the need for detailed engineering studies, natural resource assessments, and mitigation requirements.

In addition, submitting the information requested in the PreApplication Form will help determine if your proposal is a major or minor project.  MDE will also be able to provide you with an estimate of the processing time and costs, including application, processing, and impact fees, if required.

To schedule a PreApplication meeting for proposed activities in tidal wetlands, nontidal wetlands, or a nontidal waterway, including the 100-year nontidal floodplain, please go to the link below and complete and submit the PreApplication form.  You will be contacted to set-up an appointment.


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