Climate Change is Water Change

Video Credits: Producer (Isaac Rowe), Audio (Jess Herpel), photo/video clips care of John McKay, UMCES-IAN, MDE and
MDE protects and restores the environment for the health and well being of all Marylanders. 
The Water and Science Administration (WSA) at MDE implements federal and state laws to regulate the built and natural environments so all communities are safe and vibrant. Maryland's climate is changing, with  more rain, higher water levels in the Bay and Ocean, and more extreme weather. The Scientists who work at MDE are prioritizing natural tools, like forest buffers, to  protect the natural environment and strengthen the built environment while supporting those communities most vulnerable to a changing climate.  Click HERE​ or on the graphic below to learn more about WSA’s priority climate adaptation goals and strategies. Information on how MDE is reducing greenhouse gas emissions can be found HERE.

 Click on the image below for WSA's detailed climate adaptation goals and strategies.
WSA Climate Change Venn Diagram