Water Quality Trading Registry and Marketplace

Maryland Water Quality Trading

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) are building a comprehensive online portal to manage all of the State's Water Quality Trading (WQT) data. This tool, called the Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Trading Registry, will be launched in 2020. Until the tool is in place, access to the WQT information and marketplace will be provided through a set of online ledgers linked through this webpage.

WQT Register

The WQT Register provides a ledger of certified credits and their current status. This ledger also shows where trades have occurred and who is involved. To have your credits certified and posted on the Register, please follow the instructions here. If you are a NPDES permittee looking to use credits to meet a permit requirement, please contact your permit issuer to confirm that the credits you are purchasing can be used to meet permit requirements.

WQT Market Board

The WQT Market Board is a place for those interested in buying and selling WQT credits. Users can list the watershed, the vintage (year), and other information pertaining to the credits they are looking to buy or sell. If you would like to post information to the WQT Market Board, please contact the WQT Program: mde.wqtrading@maryland.gov. Please note that the information on the WQT Market Board is not certified or endorsed by MDE or MDA. The list of credits certfied by MDE is only available on the WQT Register.

Contact Information

Please use this Feedback Google Form to address any questions or comments about the Water Quality Trading Program.

Please direct questions or comments to the MDE Water Quality Trading Program: mde.wqtrading@maryland.gov

Questions or comments related to agricultural credits should be directed to MDA's Trading Administrator: NuTrade.mda@maryland.gov