Maryland Waters with TMDL Documents (M-Z)

All projects are TMDLs unless otherwise noted.

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Basin Name

DNR 8-digit Basin Number


Magothy River 02131001

Bacteria, BSID, PCBs

Manokin River 02130208

Bacteria, Nutrients & BOD

Marsh Run ​02140503 BSID, ​Sediment
Marshyhope Creek 02130306

BSID, Nutrients

Mattawoman Creek 02140111

BSID, Nutrients, PCBs

​Middle Chester River ​02130509 ​Bacteria, BSID, Nutrients, Nutrient & Sediment (Urieville Community Lake)
Middle River 02130807

Lead & Cadmium (WQA)

Middle Patuxent River 02131106

Nutrients (WQA), Sediments (WQA), Zinc (WQA)

Miles River 02130502


Monie Bay 02130302


Nanticoke River 02130305

Bacteria, BSID

Newport Bay 02130105

Bacteria (WQA), Nitrogen and Phosphorus

Northeast River 02130608

Lead (WQA)​, PCBs, Nutrients, Zinc (WQA)

Patuxent River Lower ​02131101 ​Bacteria, BSID, Chlorpyrifos (Pesticide), Mercury (Lake Lariat), ​Sediment
Patuxent River Middle 02131102

BSID, Chlorpyrifos (Pesticide), PCBs, Sediment

Patuxent River Upper 02131104

Bacteria, BSID, Mercury (Cash Lake), Nutrients (WQA), Sediments

Piscataway Creek 02140203

Bacteria, BSID, PCBs, Sediment

Pocomoke Sound 02130201

Fecal Coliform

Port Tobacco River 02140109

Nutrients, Sediment

Potomac River, Lower Tidal 02140101


Potomac River, Middle Tidal 02140102

Copper, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead (WQA), PCBs

Potomac River, Upper Tidal 02140201

BSID, Copper (WQA), PCBs

Potomac River Montgomery County 02140202 BSID, Nutrients (WQA), Sediments
Potomac River Washington County​ 02140501 BSID, Nutrient (Phosphorus) (WQA), Sediment
Prettyboy Reservoir 02130806

Non-Tidal Bacteria, Heavy Metals (WQA), Mercury, Nutrients

Rock Creek 02140206

Bacteria, BSID, Nutrients (Phosphorus), Nutrients (Lake Bernard Frank), Nutrients (Needwood Lake), Sediments

Rocky Gorge Reservoir/T. Howard Duckett Reservoir (Patuxent River) 02131107

BSID, Mercury (WQA), Phosphorus

Sassafras River 02130610

Nutrients, PCBs

Savage River 02141006

Low pH, Nutrients (WQA), Mercury (Savage River Reservoir)

Seneca Creek 02140208

BSID, Nutrients (WQA), Sediment, Nutrient and Sediment (Clopper Lake), Nutrient (Little Seneca Lake)

Severn River 02131002

Bacteria, PCBs

Sinepuxent Bay 02130104

Bacteria (WQA), Nitrogen and Phosphorus

South Branch Patapsco River ​02130908 ​Nutrient & Sediment (Piney Run Reservoir)
South River 02131003

Bacteria, BSID, PCBs, Sediment

Southeast Creek (Chester River) 02130508

Fecal Coliform, Phosphorus

St. Clements Bay 02140105


St. Mary's River 02140103

Bacteria, BSID, Mercury (St. Mary's Lake), Nutrients (WQA, St. Mary's Lake)

Stillpond-Fairlee-Worton Creek 02130611


Swan Creek 02130706

BSID, Nutrients, Sediments

Tangier Sound


Town Creek 02140512

Nutrients (WQA), Sediments (WQA)

Transquaking River 02130308

BSID, Nutrients, Nutrients (Chicamicomico River)

Triadelphia Reservoir
(Brighton Dam - Patuxent River)

Phosphorus & Sediments

Tuckahoe Creek 02130405

Mercury (Tuckahoe Lake)

Upper Choptank River ​02130404 BSID, ​Sediment
Upper Elk River ​02130603 ​PCBs
Upper Monocacy River 02140303

Bacteria, BSID, Nutrients, Sediments

Upper North Branch of the Potomac River 02141005 BSID, Iron and Aluminum, Low pH, Metals (WQA), Nutrients (WQA), Sediments
Upper Pocomoke River 02130203

BSID, Phosphorus, Sediments, Nutrients and Sediment (Adkins Pond)

West Chesapeake Bay Drainage 02131005

Bacteria, BSID, Sediment

West River/Rhode River 02131004

Bacteria, BSID, PCBs, Sediment

Western Branch, Patuxent 02131103


Wicomico Creek 02130303


Wicomico River Headwaters 02130304

Bacteria, Nutrient and Sediment (Johnson Pond)

Wicomico River 02140106


Wills Creek 02141003

Bacteria, BSID, Cyanide (WQA)​, Low pH, Nutrients (WQA), pH (WQA), Sediments

Worton Creek 02130611


Wye River 02130503


Youghiogheny River 05020201

Bacteria (Cherry Creek), BSID, Low pH, Nutrients (WQA), Sediments

Zekiah Swamp 02140108

Copper, Selenium, Zinc, Lead (WQAs)

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WQA = Water Quality Analysis

1Action may take two forms: submittal of a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) or submittal of a Water Quality Analysis (WQA).  TMDLs are developed when a given substance or stressor is exceeding water quality standards.  WQAs are developed when supplemental data indicate the waterbody is meeting water quality standards for that substance.  This list is subject to change.

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