Download Permit Applications and Other Forms

The word “approval” refers to permits, registrations, certifications, licenses, and similar issuances granted by MDE after a complete evaluation and review to implement the requirements of Maryland regulations.

Permit applications are available in PDF file format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view and print. For more information on this format or software please go to the Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Site.

Download permit applications and other forms directly from the Administrations

To obtain more information on permits, licenses or certifications that may be required from other state agencies, please click here.

Workman's Compensation Compliance 

Pursuant to the Maryland Annotated Code LE §9-201 and Labor & Employment Article §9-105,  before a governmental unit may issue a license or permit to a business that might employ a covered employee, the business shall submit to the governmental unit a certificate of compliance or the number of workers' compensation insurance policy or binder. Click here for related information in the Maryland's Workman's Compensation Commission website.