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Christine Nagle

Christine Nagle

By day, Christine Nagle oversees, in the Water Management Administration, the program that protects public drinking water.

But by night, Christine makes the transition from state regulator to local governing leader in College Park, where she is serving her second term on the city council.

She served on the council initially from 2009-11 but lost her re-election bid by two votes. She made another run at it in 2015 and was elected again.

Christine found that she was interested in politics and public service early on. She knocked on doors during her 20s for state senate candidates before deciding later to become a city council candidate herself.

She got involved on the local level because of improvements she said that needed to be made in the comprehensive plan in the College Park community in which she lived, Daniels Park. She also said there was the need for more transparency and accountability in city government, specifically to have a better website.

"They needed someone more in touch with the community and the things that everyone wanted preserved," Christine said. "In today’s society, people are looking for a strong web presence. At a city level, how much time you put into council work it is how well you do," she said, adding that she devotes 20 to 30 hours a week to council work including meetings, answering emails from residents, attending meetings and reviewing meeting materials, communicating with colleagues on the council and followup requests.

Christine holds degrees from the Community College of the Air Force and Towson University, and earned her J.D. degree from the University of Baltimore. Licensed to practice law in Maryland, California and Washington, D.C., Christine has worked on employment and civil rights issues, community group issuess, and contract law.

Balancing work at MDE and duties as council is a difficult task. She said both of the jobs can be very demanding and sometimes it requires "no sleep." Christine said her most important goal is to maintain communication with her community and colleagues to fulfill their needs.

Christine is also a former board member of College Park’s Meals on Wheels. That organization is responsible for preparing and delivering meals to those who are unable to prepare food on their own. For $5 a day, Meals on Wheels provides a hot lunch, dinner, and a breakfast meal for the next morning. Christine served on the board for five years, helping it acquire additional funding and deliver meals on holidays.

"The most rewarding thing that each of my endeavors share is the feeling that you get resolving problems and the positive impact that follows," Christine said. ​