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What is MDE-SERV?

Service. Efficiency. Results. Value.  MDE-SERV is focused on opportunities to improve all of these for all of our customers and stakeholders.  MDE-SERV builds on the MDEStat process that was created in 2007 to assess and improve the performance of environmental regulatory programs and processes at MDE.  MDE-SERV helps us ensure that MDE is making the best possible use of its resources while also sharing information publicly about progress made and issues found and addressed.

How Does MDE-SERV Work?

MDE-SERV Panel - MDE-SERV is guided by regular meetings of the MDE-SERV Panel. The Panel is composed of MDE’s Secretary, Deputy Secretaries, Budget Director, Operational Services Director, IT Director, Principal Counsel, and the MDE-SERV Director. MDE is divided into five major administrations, and the MDE-SERV Panel reviews performance data for each administration approximately once every two months.  MDE-SERV meetings are on Monday mornings as scheduled, and are open to visitors.

In Advance of MDE-SERV Meetings - Accurate and timely data is critical to the success of the MDE-SERV process. Prior to each meeting, the administration or office on that meeting’s agenda is required to submit data to the MDE-SERV Director. The MDE-SERV data submissions cover a wide variety of activities and information, from permitting and inspections, to outcome measures such as air quality, to internal processes such as filling vacancies.

After the submission is received, the MDE-SERV Office analyzes the information and prepares a briefing memo for the Panel members, with data summaries and suggested questions. The MDE-SERV Office is responsible for critically reviewing the information, comparing it to previously-submitted information, asking follow-up questions, and holding meetings as needed.

At MDE-SERV Meetings - At the meetings, the managers answer questions from the Panel that are based on data submitted by the administration and analyzed by the MDE-SERV Office. Opportunities for improvement, follow-up, and additional useful data are identified.

After Each MDE-SERV Meeting - After an Administration or office director meets at MDE-SERV, s/he receives a follow-up memo from the MDE-SERV Director. This memo may include a variety of requests including new actions to be taken, reconsideration or refocusing of existing activities, consideration of alternative approaches or policy changes, or additional data. Generally all requests have deadlines prior to the director’s next MDE-SERV appearance.

Contacting MDE-SERV Personnel:

Sue Battle-McDonald, MDE-SERV Director, e-mail:  sue.battle-mcdonald@maryland.gov  phone:  410-537-4111

Andrew Gosden, MDE-SERV Analyst, e-mail: andrew.gosden@maryland.gov phone: 410-537-4158

Take a Customer Service Survey

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