Progress Since MDEStat Started: Permitting Highlights (FY10-FY14)


  • MDE issued 102,501 permits (48,174 new, 54,327 renewal) over the last five fiscal years, an average of 20,500 each year. 
  • 93,731 (91%) of the permit decisions were made within the established permit turnaround times. 
  • 72,683 (71%) of the permit decisions were made within 30 days. 
  • Improved wetlands permit processing procedures: MDEStat oversaw the development of new processing standards and timelines. MDEStat directed the program to ensure that all active applications are brought under the new process. MDEStat continues to monitor all aspects of the permit processing standards in wetlands. 
  • Ensured timely issuance of key air permits: A number of facilities had overdue pending applications for TItle V air permits or were operating on administratively - extended Title V permits. MDEStat identified the specific facilities and addressed the issues that prevented timely issuance of the permits, such as late receipt of renewal applications. The number of overdue applications was reduced from seven in November 2008 to four in June 2010 and the number of facilities with administratively extended permits was reduced from nine to four during the same period. In addition the permit turnaround time for renewals was reduced to 12 months. Currently three of the original nine have not been issued. One has had multiple ownership changes and is currently not operating, one has been shut down by its owner, and one has compliance issues. 
  • Reduced the number of administratively-extended permits: MDEStat regularly checks on the number of administratively extended permits. MDEStat is working with the permit programs to develop guidelines for when renewal applications are due.

  • Eliminated the backlog of pending wetlands permit applications: The program identified 5,768 permit applications that were pending for over a year in August 2009. MDEStat tracked the reduction efforts and provided a forum for discussing strategies to increase the pace of the backlog reductions. The backlog was eliminated except for a few applications that are being held due to issues outside MDE's control or at the request of the applicant by October 2010. MDEStat continues to track the number of pending applications.


  • Eliminated a large backlog of lead rental registration forms that affected the program's ability to process renewal requests: Through discussions at MDEStat, additional resources were identified that could be temporarily redirected to eliminate the backlog. The backlog of 4,800 forms was successfully eliminated on schedule. MDEStat's focus on this issue led to the implementation of an online registration and payment system becoming a high priority. The online system was implemented for calendar year 2012 registrations.